Apps & Services

Review: Newton Mail App and Service

I have been struggling with a long-term email app for years, switching from one and another back and forth from time to time, keep wasting time and effort to set things up, syncing over settings etc. CloudMagic had been one of the most popular third-party email applications in the market and of those I have […]

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Apple Watch Apps

Review: Pocket Bandit Game for Apple Watch

Pocket Bandit is a fun and fast-paced puzzle game running natively on Apple Watch that you simply turn the Digital Crown to heist for a treasure! Thanks to the sponsor from Seele Games, I am able to have a quick hands-on with the game and I really liked it since Runeblade, the last game I played on […]

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Apple Watch Bands

Review: Hoco Nike+ Apple Watch Bands

Yet, the key issue with the Nike+ Apple Watch Band is that Apple does not want to sell them separately from the Apple Watch itself, regardless of overwhelming demand from the community, leaving both existing Apple Watch owners or new users who might have got themselves with Stainless Steel or Ceramic Watches that may also love […]

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My Top 10 Tech Gears in 2016

We are approaching the end of 2016 and it suddenly comes to my mind to have a quick look back on my most favorite gadgets that I got and have been using on a daily basis over the year. Apple Watch Series 2 Undoubtedly, the Apple Watch Series 2 is a much improved version comparing with the […]

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iPhone Cases

Review: PITAKA Aramid Case for iPhone

There are a number of iPhone cases that are made of Carbon Fibre or with a Carbon Fibre surface which quite a few of them look aesthetically pleasing to many. However, they are relatively fragile to drops or external forces and not elastic for bending which is quite risky for iPhone users like myself changing the […]

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