Top 5 Third-Party Reddit Apps for iPhone X

A year ago, we shortlisted quite a few awesome Reddit clients for iOS 9 and we managed to get lots of feedbacks from readers on Reddit debating on their own favorites. As time goes now we have the brand new iPhone X and iOS 11 up to at 11.2.5 beta 2 already. Now it is a good time to refresh the review again and see which one continue to stay on my preference list.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post from any developer of the mentioned apps. It is purely my personal opinion after using all the apps here.

Antenna client for reddit (Free; Pro upgrade for $2.99)

iPhoneX-anttena reddit1 copy.jpg

Antenna is my personal favorite when it comes to third-party Reddit client on iOS. I have been using it for years and the cost of switching grows every time I use this full-featured, powerful Reddit app. The user interface is clean that makes the app loads up fast, with well-presented content layout. Control has been very intuitive that I can reply to message within couple tabs and swiping back and forth is very smooth.

iPhoneX-antenna reddit.jpg

In terms of settings, it could be a little bit overwhelming if you look at the settings panel there. But. Antenna comes as a freemium app that you can try out the app before cashing in for the pro upgrade. But for only $3 you get ad free and all the powerful feature is indeed a steal.

Apollo for Reddit (Free; Pro upgrade for $2.99)

Modern iPhone X Vol.2 by Anthony Boyd Graphics

If you think the UI for Antenna is a little bit boring, then you should try out Apollo. This is a brand new app launched in late 2017 with much anticipation, as it is created by a former Apple Intern. It has a beautiful, modern design which specifically has Apple’s official iOS design guidelines in mind.

Apollo iphone x 2

Apollo is also a full-featured Reddit app with tons of customization you can get into, not to say dark theme, color highlight schemes, changing font size or Face ID unlock functionalities. The best feature I liked the most is the ability to change app icons, where Custom Icon is a very welcomed change in iOS 11 developer kit. Overall speaking, Apollo is both aesthetically and practically excellent. Having been able to try out without ads for free, you can go wrong with downloading it right away if this is your taste.

narwhal for reddit (Free; Pro upgrade for $3.99)

iPhone X narwhal 1.jpg

Speaking of Top 5 Reddit apps, Narwhal is definitely one of the long-term best choices. The app is extremely popular in the community for its simplicity in design and control. The clutterless interface shows contents in a pleasing and comfortable way. It is easy to use and navigate around. I could hardly get a app crash in Narwhal comparing with other Reddit apps I have used.

iPhone X narwhal 2.jpg

Notably speaking, the 3D touch to open a thread is extremely smooth, and it is lightning fast, thanks to the minimal user interface that reduced a fraction of second of loading time, which is a great deal if you compare side by side with other competitors. Switching between list view and picture-oriented view, as well as switching between light and dark mode, are both just one tap away. Although the app does not have a straightforward way to access the subreddit sidebar comparatively, there is nothing else I could ever complain about.

Submarine ($0.99)

As named, Submarine is a powerfull Reddit app made by Julian Weiss, aka. @insanj, who is very talented iOS developer well-known in both iOS developer and Jailbreak communities.

iPhone X_Submarine.jpg

The app itself features a complete dark theme right away which is excellent to be used on the iPhone X with OLED screen. There are a number of advance tweaking you can do with the app which makes it special, including changing design depth, turning on/off infinite scrolling, low-bandwidth image and video to save cellular data consumption, and a lot more. I will leave all to you to try out for this $1 Reddit app.

Sync for Reddit (TestFlight Beta 23)

iPhoneX-Sync reddit1

Sync for Reddit for Android has been my go-to Reddit client on my OnePlus 5 for its minimalistic design and user-friendly user interface. The iOS beta version is also awesome and worth checking out.

iPhoneX-Sync reddit.jpg

There had been more frequent updates out there than the iOS version as the official iOS version has yet been released. The latest Beta 32 brings major improvements including iPhone X support with OLED-optimized black theme and swipable subreddit sidebar.

Other honorable mentions include Monochrome, Redditor and Karma Train. Don’t get me wrong, they are great apps that may suit your need. For instance, Monochrome and Redditor have great Apple Watch apps that users can navigate threads and messages. However, they are simply not those I am using or swapping around frequently.

reddit apps.png

There are yet a few Reddit apps that have not updated to be optimized for iPhone X such as Beam. But for now, which one is your favorite Reddit app running on your brand new iPhone X? Let me know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to the blog for more review like this in future. If you like our contents, consider supporting us through Patreon for as little as $1 a month.

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