Review: Araudi Handmade Leather Apple Watch Band and iPhone X Case

Recently I was introduced to Araudi, a new start-up that is hand-crafting creative, uniquely designed leather products including iPhone cases, Apple Watch bands, wallets, etc. Shout out to Araudi for sending over a combo of same styled iPhone X leather case and Apple Watch band for trying out and review for today.

Products in this review include:

The Mountain Apple Watch Band

Araudi Apple Watch Band 04

Let’s take a look at the Apple Watch band first and my first impression is that the Apple Watch band feels pretty legit. In specific details my impressions are as below:

  • The design is unique and looks exactly the same as advertised.
  • The stitching feels solid into the leather band.
  • The inner calf leather is soft on touch even not any premium.
  • No strong smell on dye or glue.
  • Free loops are not locked to the band allows flexibility to secure the band.
  • High quality color-matching aluminum buckle and adapters.
  • Long watch bands with 5 adjustment holes, flexibile for most wrist sizes
  • The leather band is more on the stiff side that needs to be worn out for comfort
  • Do not expect handmade leather goods have perfect finishing as machine-manufactured ones

“Mountain Style” iPhone X Case

The second review unit is a leather case with the same Mountain Style as the Apple Watch band mentioned above. It looks good at first glance and the leather feels comfortable in hand.

Araudi iPhone X Case 03

It is not perfect as handmade, it is still worth attention if you prefer having something of no common design. My impressions are as below:

  • The design comes with unique pattern rarely found in the market.
  • Quality leather feels durable yet soft and comfortable in hand
  • Solid stitching for the design patterns
  • Slightly raised edge around protruding camera
  • Precise cutouts for ports and buttons
  • Easy to put onto and remove from the iPhone
  • Again, it is not as perfect as machine outputs

Final Thoughts

I do love the concept that Araudi has on crafting sets of handmade, leather accessories for both Apple gadgets and essentials with unique, creative designs. For a price at $99, despite the fact that it is not the cheapest option you can get in the market, yet the leather quality both feels good on hand and the design is aesthetically unique. The Apple Watch band is in reality a more decent choice comparatively, yet hard to justify for the price.

Araudi Apple Watch Band iPhone X Case 02

Araudi is diligently catching up to come up with more designs and improvements on some rough edges that coud potentially make their products more compelling in the fiercely competitive market, especially when they are setting a mid-range price point.

What do you think about Araudi leather Apple Watch band and iPhone X case? Let me know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to the blog for more reviews like this in future. If you like our contents, consider being our Patreon for as little as $1 a month to support the site for more awesome product reviews.

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