Mujjo iPhone X Full Leather Case Review: One Month Later

Recently I came across a question on iPhone X subreddit looking for user experience on Mujjo leather iPhone X case. I did provide a quick answer under the thread that it held up well for a couple weeks while I was travelling for business.

A good amount of my readers and followers already knew this case on Instagram with frequent advertising and quite a few Instagram influencers promoted over their channels; and they do desire one to be snapped on their shiny new iPhone X.

Mujjo Full Leather Case 01

One of the main reasons that people are excited for iPhone cases from Mujjo is how sleek the cases are generally designed. Simple and clean; getthe job done for what is generally expected on a full leather case; the brand name is known for aesthetics and quality; and is selling at a relatively more affordable price online and in-store comparing with the genuine Apple leather case.

Mujjo Full Leather Case 02

Particularly, I picked the Olive Full Leather Case, in which the color option is exclusive for iPhone X. I have never owned a case with this color. It compliments perfectly with the Silver iPhone and my Instagram followers loved it very much and had shown interest on getting one for themselves.

Mujjo Full Leather Case 04

Buy now for $44.95

I have been swapping cases around for a few times when I travelled back and got on another trip after that. The Mujjo leather case has been taken on and off multiple times and used fairly frequently over the month. Is this case able to keep up the quality? Is it durable enough to stand with scratches and daily wear-and-tear?

Starting from the big leather piece at the back, I could hardly find any major issue, mark or hard scratch on the back. I have been taking good care of the case enough yet I do have 2 small nail scratch around the middle of the case.


At all the adges and corners, as it is slightly raised up to protect the screen, camera and around the iPhone, I found a few small area of leather peal-off around the camera cutout and near the bottom of the case. Yet will not bug me from not using the case, and it protected the exposed chamfered side pretty well, But again, your miles may vary and you may have a different take anyway.

Additionally, as the case was quite tight at first few times of use, I have to exert some forces when sliding the phone in. That created some deformation around the mute switch as well as some sign of pressed leather near that area. I believe this happens to leather cases that are manufactured to be perfectly fit for certain phones. But this did not affect any performance later on. I can slide in the phone into the case easier over time, but it does not hurt the case from holding the phone tight.


Last but not least, about the botton covers, I would it performs average as it is not the most tactile button I have ever used, yet it is not up to the point that Apple has been perfecting over their own cases.

Overall speaking, unless you are either intentionally or accidentally scratching or dropping the phone hard, you will not get any noticable marks. Proabably due to its color, it does not age too much and micro-abrasions can be easily observed. The leather holds up well against sweat as well which is a good thing for everyone who has similar problem as I do with Apple’s leather case. For around $40 bucks, Mujjo Full Leather Case outshines most competitions and there is no way to go wrong with this case.

Mujjo Full Leather Case 06

So what do you think about Mujjo leather iPhone cases? What is your experince? Share with us in the comments. If you like our contents, be sure to subscribe to the blog, follow us on Instagram for more and consider to be a Patreon to support the site.

Disclaimer: I purchased this Mujjo Full Leather iPhone X Case (Olive) at my own cost at local retail store. This review is not sponsored by Mujjo; the blog or myself is neither any affiliate to Mujjo.


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