Always be ready to go hands-free with SnapWings mobile stand

Most often I carry my iPhone X around and when it comes to occasion that I need to watch some video by myself or with my significant other, I am quite desperate to find random stuff to act as a stand otherwise I will just hold it with my hand. Certainly I have some good ones for my desk setup, but they are not designed to be used on the go. More importantly, I am more of a hater to iRings because it does not look appealing on the phone or a case itself.


SnapWings is an upcoming crowdfunding mobile stand that aims at being a mobile stand that everyone can afford and use anywhere. It appears to me as a relatively simple concept mobile stand yet looks very promising, user-friendly and aesthetically more minimalistic over traditional iRings with a competitive price at $5 only.


To get started with SnapWings, simply attach to the back of the device, click on the button that activates the stand, and you are ready to go hand-free for watching YouTube videos, looking at a cooking recipe, or taking a selfie with your friends.


The advantage that SnapWings has over traditional iRings is not only that it looks more sleek, but also in terms of the industrial design, SnapWings does not stick out as much as an iRing does that prevents the phone from laying flat or simply stably on a table surface.


Additionally, it is most likely to be less slippery that iRings in which a ring will slip around for its shape but a wing stand will not. Certainly SnapWings does not have a ring to allow your finger to pass through to hold the phone. But the key here is to have a stand for your device instantly with a simple press by intuition.


Watch the quick introduction video below about the concept of SnapWings and check out more information on SnapWings official site and their upcoming Kickstarter campaign page launching on 12 December.

Let me know what you think about SnapWings in the comments. Be sure to subscribe to the blog for more latest tech product reports.

Image credits: SnapWings

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