Opinion: Why should you upgrade to iPhone 8?

I could actually be one of those who will upgrade to iPhone 8/8 Plus from couple generations behind. Indeed, I did not change my mind because of this article but I have slept it over since the Apple Event last week. There are a few reasons:

New features

We all know that new features like Face ID and OLED with 3D Touch but without Touch ID…will be proven, tested and polished behind the scene for the 2nd generation iPhone X in 2018, for sure. Side note is, who needs Portrait mode for selfie that basically defeats certain purpose of a selfie?

iphone x

Speaking of value pricing mentioned by Tim Cook earlier today (i.e. what we called value for money), it may not sound worth for everyone to spend US$200 to get the “new beta features” from Apple, despite the fact that Apple has made them perform pretty well over what the other industry players have been working on and leaving behind, and admittedly the dual OIS worth some credits but not in a great deal.

Design, performance and user experience

Despite getting similar design as its predecessors, the iPhone 8/8 Plus is the best (and may be the last) in this form factor and design as Apple has been perfecting it to the best they can.

iphone 8 8 plus

And as iPhone 8/8 Plus are basically identical to iPhone 6-7 series in terms of dimension (just a difference of thickness of a piece of paper). You can save quite a bit on accessories like standard cases or battery cases that could be pricy a purchase and still works well today and you have no good reason to ditch or trash them right away now.

iphone 8 gold

Performance-wise, the iPhone 8/8 Plus definitely have more power to spare from the A11 Bionic chip with less “new features” to support and pixels to push through. This has been proven by quite a few Geekbench tests these few days.

iphoen 8 geekbench

In terms of user experience, there is basically no learning curve as you move from older devices to iPhone 8. Simply pick it up and you are good to go with the fastest smartphone for now.

iphone 8 ios 11


Overall speaking, it is certainly a very decent upgrade for those who are two or more generations behind iPhone 8. Getting a much better screen, new color, fast charging, wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0, much better camera with the Plus model getting the same Portrait Lighting capability, more storage for same price, same (even slightly higher) system and internal hardware performance, as a rational user and consumer, what else are you looking for?

So which new iPhone will you get? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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