Review: Mintapple Classic Walnut Stands for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

It has been a while since we shared awesome accessories for desk setups. The previous setups with stands for computer hardware and headphones, while my MacBook Pro was in clamshell mode outputting to an external monitor, are more with metallic, glossy aluminum frames and structure. This setup has lasted for about a quarter and I started to make another major change, to a dual-monitor setup for this summer.

I started with the review unit of Carved Walnut Acoustic Acorn Bluetooth Speaker, and the SAMDI Universal Laptop Wooden Stand (Walnut) that I could get in local retail at 60% off from the price on Amazon. Then I moved on to look for other wooden accessories that could match with the theme there.

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 06

Coincidently, one of our good friends, Mintapple, has expanded their product lines from leather iPhone cases, wallets and Apple Watch bands to Wooden Stands and Docks. And huge shoutout to Mintapple again for hooking up with us early and send over the complete line-up of their Walnut wooden stands right after their product launch.

  • Apple iPad ‘Classic’ Stand / Dock – Buy now at $39 (Oak / Walnut)
  • Apple iPhone Stand / Dock – Buy now at $26 (Oak / Walnut)
  • Apple Watch ‘Signature’ Stand / Dock – Buy now at $52 (Oak / Walnut)
  • Apple Watch ‘Elegance’ Stand / Dock – Buy now at $65 (Oak / Walnut)

Features and specifications

  • Built to be compatible for all Apple iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch versions
  • Built from solid American Oak and Walnut
  • Enables portrait and landscape positions (iPhones and iPads)
  • Apple Pencil groove at the front of the iPad dock
  • Hidden routing channel for Apple Watch charging cable

Apple iPad Classic Stand

The Mintapple Classic Stand for iPads is a sizable piece of wooden stand which is fit for iPads of all sizes, up to the 12.9″ iPad Pro to iPad Minis, in both upright and landscape positions.

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 10

There are only two cutouts on the stand. The pass-through channel is for placing the iPad, while the smooth-polished groove is designed for Apple Pencil.

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 12

I have an iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini. The stand fits perfectly and holds the iPads securely. The stand is very stable even there is a significant weight placed in the channel that is tilted at an angle.

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 11

The Apple Pencil groove is also good for stylus of other brands. I have an Adonit Dash 3 which has a slim body as the Apple Pencil and it is perfectly fit inside the groove.

Apple iPhone Stand

The Mintapple Walnut iPhone stand is exactly what I have been looking for. It has a simple, minimal design. The surface is well-polished that it will not scratch on any side of the iPhone. It works on my iPhone 6S Plus as advertised. Promising and looks good.

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 02

The channel for placing the iPhone is very similar to the one on the iPad Stand. The iPhone is tilted at the perfect angle that I can easily look at the screen simply rolling my eye balls down from my MacBook external monitor.

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 08

Though it is not sufficient to hold an iPhone with a bulky case, it is still a nice choice for a desk setup as my default iPhone stand.

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 09

But one thing I like the most is the circular cutout on the front piece of the iPhone dock which makes the home button still partially accessible when the phone is sitting in the dock.

Apple Watch ‘Signature’ Dock

There are a number of Apple Watch charging dock in the market and rarely we can find a circular one. It may be controversial when we speak about user space but Apple does released one by themselves. The best thing for Apple’s original Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is that it has built-in charging cable and a Lightning Cable is bundled as well. But the downside, in my opinion, is that the Apple dock does not look very good and feels cheap in hand.

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 16

Mintapple is kind of filling in the gap here, offering a circular “Signature” Apple Watch dock. It is more aesthetically pleasing for a desk setup addition. But you do need to supply your own magnetic charging cable but you can simply use the one from your original Apple Watch package.

There is a groove at the front that allows the Apple Watch case sitting securely at the dock and avoid it from moving around. It is fit for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches and it works well with most of Apple Watch bands except cuff bands.

Apple Watch Elegance Dock

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 19

But if you are not a fan of circular Apple Watch dock and may think it is a bit less utilizing your desk space, Mintapple does have an alternative for you, namely Elegance Stand that you can lay your Apple Watch flat on it.

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 04

Certainly, the major downside for this design is that it is not an ideal option for closed loop bands such as Link Bracelets. But you have a leather or silicone band, don’t really care about Nightstand mode and want the Apple Watch to be nicely displayed on the desk, this Elegance Dock is definitely a good option.


I am a big fan of Walnut wood products and I am glad that Mintapple has filled in the gap here for me to complete my dual-monitor desk setup. The build quality is solid and the material used is good in my opinion. The handcrafted and polished texture feel and look good in person.

Mintapple Classic Walnut Stand 18

What do you think about the real wood stands from Mintapple? Let me know if the comments.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jay Gee says:

    Hello, if you are reading these comments I suggest you look on trustpilot – you will see that every review there is exclusively negative with respect to mintapple prodicts and highlights their poor customer service as well as poor quality.


    1. Stephen Chan says:


      Terribly sorry to hear Mintapple customers having issues with bad quality and poor post-sales customer service.

      Our review is purely based on review units that we received and how Mintapple was in touch with us. Unfortunately we found no issue with the product we received in term of quality but YMMV as other products may also have.


  2. Jay Gee says:

    Stephen – please don’t worry, have no grumble with your review 😉 is the connector on the strap had actually worked it would have been a lovely strap as was very well made leather. And I don’t even mind the fault itself. Mistakes happen and can be remedied. It’s oft said that a customer with a well handled complaint can be the most loyal customer. The thing that offended me was the lies, attitude and frankly rudeness of MintApple customer service (an oxymoron). And seems I am not the only one! To give you a totally different example, 3 years ago I bought a strap from nomad – it broke, my watch fell off my wrist and the screen broke. Not only did they refund my purchase in full with no question, they apologised profusely, AND offered immediately to pay for the watch. That’s amazing service. MintApple, I’m afraid, are a disgrace.


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