Top 5 iPhone 8 features you should expect

iPhone 8 is coming in about a month’s time, let’s do a quick round-up on the top 5 features of this 10th anniversary resolutionary iPhone refresh.

Major redesign

appleidesigner iphone 8 render

It has been long-rumored that Apple will give a redesign, not only for their three-year design cycle but also act as a milestone for a “Decade Edition” iPhone since it was firstly introduced 10 years ago.

iphone 8 screen mockup
Image credit: Maksim Petriv

One of the major parts will be the form factor. According to KGI Security, the new iPhone will have the highest screen-to-body ratio in industry by pushing the bezel off up to the edge of the phone and removing the fingerprint Touch ID sensor at the bottom while putting the virtual home button on screen at the rumored Function Area.

Image credit: Mac Rumors

The screen is said to have a 5.8″ physical OLED display area while 5.15″ will be the normal Homescreen and the rest goes to the Function Area that could possibly adds more functions like the Touch Bar on new MacBook Pros or shows incoming notifications that users can easily interact with.

iphone 8 schematics macrumors
Image credit: Mac Rumors

Another major redesign, which is kind of controversy, is the vertical design of the rear-facing dual-cameras. Based on a number of leaks from case makers and physical mockups, it is very likely that we get the the design as below.

beyond cell iphone 8 case
Image credit: Beyond Cell

Organic LED Screen Panel

Having been using LCD display for quite some years, as mentioned above, iPhone 8 finally receive a replacement of display panel to OLED. This will give the new iPhone both extra battery life and possible always-on display functions. According to the latest report, Samsung has fully engaged in manufacturing the OLED panels out from their production line for this upcoming iPhone.

ipone 8 oled appadvice
Image credit: AppAdvice

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charing is very likely to come to iPhone 8 as a solution to inability to charge the current iPhone while headphone is plugged in. In addition to the glass-on-glass design, there are two pieces of evidences that basically proved this long-awaited feature that many other Android flagships have had for quite some time already. 

The first one is the new charging sounds found in iOS 11 beta. In addition to the current chime we have been hearing for years, there is a new, distinct “engage power” chime sound found in the file system.

iphone 8 x ray wireless charging slashgear
Image credit: Slashgear

The second evidence is a X-Ray diagram leaked recently from China showing clearly that there is an inductive charging coil in the middle of the phone. Followed by the great magnetic charging mechanism on the Apple Watch, it is believe that Apple will not miss this time again to make it great and better than other competitor did.

Face ID and 4K Front-Facing Recording

One of the hottest leaks in the past few days is that developers discovered code hidden for the upcoming HomePod OS seemingly confirms that the upcoming iPhone will support facial recognition or face unlock feature.

iphone 8 face id

Based on many schematics and case maker leaks, it is very likely we have multiple front-facing sensors and cameras that not only with a stunning 4K 60 fps recording camera, but a very powerful setup for precise facial recognition even in the dark with infra-red face-detection capability.

Image credit: Evan Blass

According to reports, the project name is Pearl ID and the actual name used in iOS could be called Face ID. It was said that Apple has been working on this for years on this 3D face scanning technology and this will be faster and more secure than Touch ID. Not only can this feature facilitates unlocking the phone itself, but also capable to support other major features such as Apple Pay and possible multi-user accounts.

rear touch id iphone 8

However, there has been quite a few reports that Apple acted undecisive before production along side with leaks with Touch ID at the back of the iPhone. But we shall know very soon if Apple is able to nail it and surprise the crowd.

5. Possible new color options

As Apple has been adding new colors to their new products in recent years, the new iPhone 8 is likely receive the same treatement.

Image credit: @VenyaGeskin1

There is rumor on two possible new colors options, Copper bronze and Mirror-like Chrome colors.

Image credit: @omarstgo15

Recently more leaks have come out overnight especially on the rumored Blushed Gold color options appearing in the leaked prototypes that looks really promsing as reported by multiple famous leakers and bloggers.

iphone 7s 8
Image credit: EverythingApplePro

Are you excited for iPhone 8 and which feature you most look forward to? Let me know in the comments.

iphone 8 black bronze

Featured image credit: Danny Winget

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