First Look: Lofree Poison Bluetooth Speaker

The Lofree DOT Wireless Mechanical Keyboard has drawn a tremendous attention in the consumer tech community in the past few months and Lofree has been pushing themselves hard to fulfill the pre-order shipments. Nevertheless, it does not stop them from innovating and releasing new products, again with very elegant design for perfect desk setups.


Huge shout out to Lofree again for hooking up so we can get our hands-on their latest product, the very neat Poison Bluetooth Speaker.

About Lofree Poison Speaker

The Lofree Poison Bluetooth Speaker is said to be the Retro Speaker In Modern Coat. The speaker comes with a vintage aesthetics that looks like a 1950’s old FM radio.


There are two stunning 10W dynamic drivers stuffed in a small form factor that makes the speaker both portable and powerful. That being said, the battery life can last up to 6 hours of music playing time which is basically on par with the Beats Pill+.


There is not much to talk about unboxing with a pre-production review unit of the Lofree Poison Speaker that comes with non-retail packaging. What you are supposed to get in the package will be pretty standard, if no exception from the review unit:


  • 1 x Lofree Poison M Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x 3.5mm Male-to-Male Stereo Audio Cable
  • 1 x Genuine Leather Strap
  • 2 x Sets of Screws for attaching the Leather Strap


The Poison Bluetooth Speaker is Bluetooth speaker that packs technology for good music in a nostalgic retro-radio design. There will be 4 color options at launch including Turquoise Blue, White, Green and Red with glossy finishing on surface. Obviously the review unit we picked is the White one which we think people will go crazy after it looking back with the history of the Lofree Keyboard.


From the front side, it is not hard to notice the vintage radio tuning dial behind the frame but that is where the magic laying underneath especially the sleek power icon that turns red when you are topping up the battery.


Switching views around, you can hardly find a straight line or corner but only the signature circular power button, play/pause, volume, Bluetooth buttons, as well as the anti-slip feet at the bottom that are all aesthetically aligned. At the back you can find the AUX input port and Micro-USB port for charging purpose.

Sound quality

We have run tests over multiple genre across pop music to country, as well as vocals and podcasts. The sound quality delivered has been excellent for its compact size.

Thanks to the special industrial design with both front and back-facing 10W dynamic drivers, the output can be more than enough to fill up a living room and the amount of bass is surprisingly full and impressive for its portable size.

In addition, the Bluetooth connectivity has been very good and I have not encountered any jiggling when streaming music with Spotify or Pandora.

Without further due, let’s listen to some music and vocal samples from the video below:

A couple shortfalls

It may be too early to judge for lack of functionalities in some ways, but it is still worth noting that the pre-production review unit of the Lofree Poison M Bluetooth Speaker lacks the below:

  • No NFC pairing – Not a deal-breaker but definitely a nice-to have for pairing with newer devices like the OnePlus 5.
  • simultaneous pairing with multiple devices – It will be nice to pair with multiple devices and switch between them which is certainly a bonus for daily family usages and party music jamming.


To be continued…

We are yet to know more exact details and release date for this awesome speaker that ships with both great design and sound quality as early as at its pre-production review unit. It is worth looking forward to the final product that could easily be much improved from what was reviewed today, as what we have seen with the success of their DOT Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.


Our review will not stop here and be sure to stay tuned with our Instagram feed for more updates and cool pictures of desk setup with the Lofree Poison Bluetooth Speaker.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Can’t wait still not sure if this is now on the market.


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      You can get one from their Kickstarter compaign with a discounted price. Still have 2 days to go.


  2. Brian Jacobs says:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice update about the bluetooth speaker. Keep it up.


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