Review: Nomad Leather Case for iPhone 7 Plus and Bi-fold Leather Charging Wallet

Nomad is one of the top and most famous and popular brands in the Apple side-product marketplace. Their premium products with extreme high quality in terms of material and manufacturing have made them the leader in many aspects.

In recent years my love to Nomad product has grown over time. I started with the first-generation Nomad Pod for Apple Watch which is a handy little companion to charge my Apple Watch on the go. In additional, their Modern Stand has been my go-to charging stand for my Apple Watch at my office desk. And my recent purchase of the Nomad Universal Cable has immediately become the most essential accessory for both my daily desk and travel setups as I can simply charge any of my devices – iPhone, OnePlus 5, Nintendo Switch…without switching between different cables.

As a long-term supporter who posted setup with Nomad products on Instagram, I am super stoked that Nomad did hook me up and sponsored couple gears to top up my current setup, including the Rustic Brown Leather Case and Bi-fold Leather Charging Wallet that have both become my daily drivers, especially the wallet as it is more of a personal essential than a pure tech gadget.

Nomad Leather Wallet 23

Nomad Rustic Brown Leather Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Let’s start with the Leather Case.

Nomad Leather Case 12

The Nomad Rustic Brown Leather Case is made from minimally treated, vegetable-tanned leather from one of America’s oldest tanneries, the Horween Leather Co. established in 1905. With 360° of raised-edge protection, the Nomad Leather Case is designed to beautifully rugged patina and get rich over time.

Nomad Leather Case 06

Unboxing experience has been great. The case is nicely seated in the package and sliding out the tray will get you to the case right away. The smell of the leather is striking at unboxing and it is yet satisfying and pleasant even after daily usage throughout the week.

The quality of the Nomad Leather Case is superb, period. I love it more than the original Saddle Brown Leather Case by Apple. The Nomad case feels more premium and solid with the leather it is made of. Attention to detail has been excellent.

Putting on the case has not been more intuitive. Simply snap on the case and you are good to go. The port cut-outs are precise and smoothly done. The camera cut-out is just right that it will not add shades to photos taken with flash. The slight raised bezel will help protect the screen from shattering over drops.

Overall speaking, for a price tag $10 cheaper than Apple’s leather case, the Nomad Rustic Brown Leather Case for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus has high value for money. In addition to its premium quality and perfect manufacturing, I am more looking forward to seeing the leather grow which makes it look more vintage over time.

Nomad Bi-fold Leather Charging Wallet

The Nomad Bi-fold Leather Charging Wallet is a modern update to the classic, timeless bi-fold wallet that discreetly holds a full iPhone 7 charge for an emergency or minimalist travelers.

Nomad Leather Wallet 14

Same as the Rustic Leather iPhone Case, the Charging Wallet is made from minimally treated, vegetable-tanned Horween leather and is designed to beautifully patina with time, creating a handsome, rich and unique leather wallet.

The unboxing experience for Nomad Charging Wallet is similar to that of the Nomad Leather iPhone Case. It is simple and awesome.

Pulling out the packaging for the wallet, not only you can get the hardware – the Wallet itself, Micro-USB charging cable, and instruction card, but also, again, that elegant new leather smell you should enjoy.

The stitching work is perfectly done. I really appeciate leather work with traditional stitching style that seamlessly lines up along the each side of the wallet. Not only it looks good, but performs well to hold up the leather and wallet in good shape.

The Charging Wallet is designed for carrying cash with a full-sized cash slot. The Wallet is capable to fit in maximum 8 cards comfortably with has 3 card slots on each side plus 2 pockets behind. I personally immediately threw every card that I use frequently into the wallet and to my surprise it does not swell up to a bulk at all. The card slots are precise and hold my cards pretty firmly and securely.

The real deal here is the charging capability that you won’t see in other classic bi-fold wallets. The Nomad Charging Wallet has a 2,400mAh Panasonic lithium battery, protected by high strength aluminum casing and polycarbonate end caps.

The built-in powerbank charges through a built-in MFi-certified Lightning connector with an output of 5V/1.5A which is quite standard for nowadays. You can top up the battery via a Micro-USB cable easily as well.

To conclude, I am basically trashing all my previous leather wallets and replace with this Nomad Bi-fold Leather Charging Wallet as my daily driver for all personal and business occasions. It is a really all-rounded – elegant, premium and practical. For $150, you are guaranteed to get a perfect accessory plus gadget right inside your pocket.

Final thoughts

Nomad is a perfect example of those product manufacturer ou don’t need to have tons of product line ups but only one single killer flagship will be awesome enough to grab a customer’s heart permanently. The Leather iPhone Case and the Charging Wallet are definitely the most representative products for this business philosophy.

Nomad Leather Wallet 24

There will be more product shots on my Instagram feed as I will be definitely using them on a daily basis. Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of it.

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