Review: Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Leather Bands (June 2017)

We have put up quite a few detailed review on handmade leather Apple Watch bands from our long-term partner at Black Forest Atelier in previous years and they have been very welcomed and supported by the Apple Watch community.

In this month, we have come back with another four cool variants of leather bands thanks to their generous sponsor again. These are again high quality, well-designed handmade leather bands for your Apple Watches that are worth checking out.

NE18G-D60-2K – Buy Now at $79.90

Black Forest Atelier 001

This Vintage-styled Leather Band is literally a close variant from their original C3 Military Army Style Handmade Leather Cuff Band we have reviewed a year ago. This vintage-style leather band has been alway one of my all-time favorites and on-the-go band for work and formal occasions.

The leather comes with a moderately soft nature. The double free loops help in a great deal in securing the loosen band if you have a thinner wrist. The stitching style is more of a traditional one with the stitches evenly done along the edge of the band. The color choice for the stitch thread is simply perfectly matched with the brown leather that give a more classic look to the band itself. Overall, it is a very decent option if you are a big fan of traditional style leather watch band.

Artisian LV Vintage – Buy Now at $119.90

This is actually a color variant of the black/grey Artisian LV Vintage band we reviewed a couple of months ago. The material and style look the same. The leather is a little bit stiff at first use and gradually grow and soften over time.

Black Forest Atelier 005

I am personally more attached to this color option as it looks more like the real deal for a luxury piece of leather from Louis Vuitton. It does look more popped out than the black variant.

Black Forest Atelier 003

One little detail I noticed is that the band I received does not have the Louis Vuitton marking on the band which is slightly disappointing. But overall I really like this band despite a more steep price tag.

NE89R (Variant) – Buy Now at 79.90

This band was shipped by mistake but it turned to be a gem and immediately becomes one of my daily drivers for leisure occasions as it matches perfectly with most of my outfits.

Black Forest Atelier 004

The design looks quite alike the Baseball Red Stitching band we reviewed couples years back when we first knew about Black Forest Atelier. But the leather and texture are completely different. I do like soft leather bands right out of the box like this one that can easily get used to on the wrist.

Though this variant is not being found on the Etsy Store, do keep eyes on the store as it may return at any time.

NE01-D4 – Buy Now at $79.90

The last band we share with you is definitely a nice addition if you love more visible stitching on the band as a signature for style of yours.

Black Forest Atelier 002

The band shared the same leather as NE89R Variant we just talked about. It is soft out of the box and very comfortable to wear. The stitching pattern is beautiful and classic. The double extra-wide free loops match well with the signature stitching that makes the band looks sharp out of my Apple Watch band collection.


So how do you think about this batch of leather Apple Watch bands from Black Forest Atelier (Etsy Shop: NameEngraved)? Let me know in the comments.

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