Review: Jackery Force-series Portable External Battery Packs

For years I have been upgrading my portable power bank in usage to replace non-performing ones that aged over time. We have reviewed a few power bank options from ChargeTech, Xtorm and the most recent one namely Civia, as well as some battery cases.  They all served me with different purposes and under different needs, such as travels or day-to-day standing by inside my tech backpack.

Jackery Power 08

Founded in Silicon Valley, Jackery Power is one of the industry leaders and experts in manufacturing advanced portable batteries that is committed to offering solution for smartphones and tablets with high build quality, small size, quick charge and high-capacity. Their professional line-ups all feature nine layer protection by well-known Texas Instruments chipsets for Li-on battery temperature control, protection against short-circuit, overvoltage, overcharge, over-discharge and overcurrent.

Jackery Power 01

Thanks to the sponsor from Jackery Power, we had a hands-on with a few of their flagship products, including Black 315 and Force 65 and their flagship Force 420 Pro. You can check out the specifications from the links here that we will not go into too much details of those in this review.

Jackery Power 02The unboxing experience has been simple and straightforward. In addition to the power bank itself, it is also bundled with one USB charging cable that is fit for filling up specific models. As usual, you can also find some paperwork such as User Guide, Warranty info and flipcards for checking out more details online.

Jackery Power 12

There are a few major elements that set the three different power banks apart that fit for different occasions. First off is capacity. The Jackery Force 420 Pro features great deal amount of capacity at 20,100mAh, followed by Black 315 with 15,600mAh and Force 65 with 3350mAh. As the name has stated, the three power bank setup will top up your devices’ up-time for 800 hours in total.

The other major difference is about charging ports. The most capable Force 420 has 3 ports out charging in high-speed under one USB Type-C capable for charging in and out and, one USB port supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and another one with 2.4A output.

Jackery Power 15

On another hand, despite with lower capacity, the Black 315 can deliver super high-speed output for Android devices of both flagships from Samsung and LG and mid-rangers like the Huawei Mate 9, OnePlus 3T, etc, with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which is the top in the market practically as QC 4.0+ is far from mature yet.

Jackery Power 09

Small handy little guy Force 65 has only one USB-A port out at 1A which is good enough for emergency top-up at normal speed for a single device without adding any bulk to your setup.

Jackery Power 13

The common advantages I could find for all these three power banks are their sizes, build quality and output charging speed. The add-up form factor is still smaller than a power house like the ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet, which is still more than sufficient for carrying around with your mobile devices on the go.

Jackery Power 10

The aluminium casing makes the power banks feel premium and solid. The matte finish feels good in the hand and strong resistance to minor scratches is definitely the best assurance for users to simply throw them in their tech bag and go with them.

Jackery Power 11

The output speed of the top line-up from Jackery Power has been excellent. The delivery is consistent and speedy across various iOS and Android devices, both smartphones and tablets, that I own that I can basically get 50% from low-level fairly quickly with roughly half an hour and gradually down for efficiently due to li-on battery limitation and characteristics.

Jackery Power 16

Overall speaking, I am extremely satisfied with all the power banks from Jackery that I received for review and the higher capacity ones have quickly become my daily driver and critical member with me on business trips. Not only that the efficiency is great and the capacity is far sufficient for a week usage, but also for its premium build quality and relatively smaller form factor and fairly light weight which make them great travel companions on the go.

Jackery Power 14

So what do you think about Jackery Power Banks? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out more desk setup photos on my Instagram feed.


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