Desk Setup with Just Mobile HeadStand Avant and AluCharge

I have been working to perfect my desk setup since half a year ago and I started with some cool desk setup accessories from some well-known brands. But there is always some room for improvement.

Just Mobile AluCharge 06

Thanks to the great sponsor from Just Mobile, one of the most featured brands on Instagram for its sleek accessories, I am able to add two new members, the JustMobile HeadStand Avant and AluCharge, to my current setup that help tidy things up better and offer great convenience to my day-to-day workflow.

Just Mobile HeadStand™ Avant – Buy Now for $39.95

Just Mobile HeadStand Avant 02

The Just Mobile HeadStand™ Avant is the super-sleek, iconic stand for any headphones. It is manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminum with a distinctive radial finish. The stand comes with a fairly decent packaging. The stand parts look clean, shiny and attractive. The only nitpick comment I would say is that the parts are locked too tightly into the tray and it requires quite some force to take them out. Assembly has not been more intuiative for a normal headphone stand. But if you were to disassemble the stand on day and put it back, be prepared to get through the hard work when you want it back.

Technically, the HeadStand Avant is 9.8 inch or 25cm in height. So it is literally capable for holding oversized headphones. The built quality is excellent. The alumunium is solid, does have some weight added to it and mostly contributed by the base of the stand. The radial brushed finish simply looks both elegant and geeky. And the unified scheme looks as if it is crafted out from one single piece of high quality aluminium.

The best thing I liked about the HeadStand Avant is the base. I have tried out the one from iQunix a few months back and I must say it was not the most stable one out there for a leather desk mat surface. Although the circular base for Just Mobile HeadStand Avant does take up much more surface area out of my limited desk space, with a slight adjustment on my set up did free up some space for it without much trade-off to gain for a much more stable stand for my premium Sony, Beats and Bose headphones.

Just Mobile AluCharge™ – Buy Now for $49.95

Just Mobile AluCharge 07

The Just Mobile AluCharge is said to be the world’s slimmest USB charger. Constructed from high-quality components and finished in unibody aluminum, it is slightly taller than a USB port and the overall size is quite small for a USB Hub considered that it has 4 USB-A ports to charge up devices simultaneously from just one power supply.

Just Mobile AluCharge 13

Hence, it does not take up too much space from the desk but this small gadget does help make charging more handy by extending the wall chargers to the desk and declutter all the messy cable management around.

Just Mobile AluCharge 06

Without any surprise, inside the box you will get some paperwork, a wall power plug and the Just Mobile AluCharge itself.

With a maximum output of 2.4A from each port, and secured by multi-point protection circuitry and intelligent charging, it offers great charging experience for all of my devices such as iPhones, iPads, Nintendo Switch, etc, with a decent charging speed, and safeguard from over voltage surge or short circuit.

Just Mobile AluCharge 02

Overall speaking, the AluCharge is one of the best additions to my desk setup so far and I really enjoyed having it as the core cable management hub on the desk. I do hope it holds up well and works for years otherwise it will be a great loss to productivity and convenience.

So what do you think about Just Mobile HeadStand Avant and AluCharge? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out more desk setup photos on my Instagram feed.


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