Review: Monowear Perforated Leather Bands (All colors)

We have been a big fan of Monowear’s Apple Watch accessories and we have come across most of their line-ups including their leather, nylon and metal Apple Watch bands and Monochest to hold your Apple Watch, charger and bands.

Monowear Perforated Leather 02

As a good friend of the blog, we are happy to be sponsored with the latest Perforated Leather Bands with all the color options.

Monowear Perforated Leather 11

Buy now (40% off) – $49.99


The Monowear Perforated Leather Bands come in packaging of familiar design. There is a see-through window on the front so you can have a sleek peek on your new watch band. At the back you will see the detailed specification of the band you have chosen, such as color, size and finish. It comes with no surprise but a brand new Perforated Leather Band inside the box.


The new Monowear Perforated Leather Bands come with three different color options, namely Chestnut, Black and Gray.

Monowear Perforated Leather 12

The Perforated Leather Bands are made from Genuine Leather with subtle edge-stitching and a tapered shape. This is a very special design yet elegant enough that is rarely found in the market.

All the bands can go with any of the adapters and buckles that are color-matched with your Apple Watch casing, including Space Gray Aluminum, Silver Aluminum, Rose Gold Aluminum, Yellow Gold Aluminum and Silver Stainless Steel. They are all made of high quality material and feels durable so far as I tried out in the past couple weeks.


The new Monowear Perforated Leather Bands look very unique and professional in today’s market with abundance of different Apple Watch Band. The bands ship with three different colors that in my opinion fit best with business attire that I need to go with every weekday.

Monowear Perforated Leather 05

The quality can be highly expected as Monowear has strived through over the past few years as Apple Watch launches and evolves. The leather surface and stitching finishings are perfectly manufactured.

Monowear Perforated Leather 04

In terms of comfort, the band is born with soft texture and fits around my wrist perfectly. It is kind of nice that length of the band can cater most wrist sizes with 10 pin holes for adjustment.

Monowear Perforated Leather 03

Their other leather bands, including the Classic Leather Band and Leather Deployant Band, have also received a huge discount with up to $40 off over their original listed price. Be sure to check them out if you are interested.

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