Review: Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Leather Bands

It has been quite a while for Apple Watch band review on the blog. Today, we come back and share with you some really good-looking Apple Watch Bands from one of our good friends at Black Forest Atelier, who is famous on Etsy for its high quality, well-designed handmade leather bands for Apple Watch. We have put up two detailed review on both vintage style and limited edition bands in the past couple years and they have caught quite a bit of attention from the Apple Watch community.

Thanks to their sponsors once again, we are going to take a look at four different styles of handmade leather bands from Black Forest Atelier that definitely, as usual, stand out from what is generally served in the market right now.

1. NE03 Cuff – Buy now at $89.90

Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Band 83This is another vintage style Cuff band that Black Forest Atelier offers in addition to my long-time favorite Military Army Style. The texture of the band is different with a raw and rugged finish on both sides of the leather which makes the band feels softer and more comfortable on the wrist than tanned leather bands.

The stitching work is properly done. It combined various styles across different sections of the band. They all matched perfectly and I could hardly find any significant misalignment or anywhere off. The buckle used does not feel cheap. It is held tight at the end of the band and feels strong in material.

Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Band 81

2. Artisian LV Vintage Panerai – Buy now at $119.90

Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Band 72On the left is the limited edition leather band handcrafted from a piece of legally purchased Louis Vuitton canvas leather. It is stated that the band is 100% authentic but not a licensed Louis Vuitton product and neither not affiliated with nor sponsored by Louis Vuitton.

The leather is quite thick and tough. Two pieces of leather of different textures are stitched together. The inner layer of calf leather is very soft and feels great on the wrist.

Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Band 76Though this is not the best craftmanship that I could look for a $120 priced band, if you are looking for something looks as luxurious as a Hermès band and have some cash to spare, this is an option you may consider.

3. Koi Fish – Buy now at $99.90

The limited edition Sterling Silver Pendant 2-piece band I reviewed last year has been one of my favorites at all time. I wear it whenever I want to have my Apple Watch be spotted in the crowd, be asked by the staff in the Apple Store and many casual occasions.

Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Band 64

The Koi Fish band is a very cool variance of the one I owned. It a nice addition to my collection. The koi fish pendant the a silver color really pops and looks very Asian-styling. The medium-sized grain leather piece is born to be soft.

Stitching work is minimum on this band comparatively but it is just appropriate. The stainless steel buckle and adapter are chosen with quality.

Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Band 65

4. NE03da123 KD60 – Buy now at $79.90

Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Band 85

Last but not least, I have got another band that looks really like the Rally Racing band that I first reviewed for Black Forest Atelier. This band is a more rugged and tougher one than the tanned texture as the Rally Racing.

In my opinion, the brown leather free loop and golden-color stitches are perfectly matched with the black-colored band, more than that on the blue tanned leather band. This is by far one of the best looking bands to match with a Space Black or Space Gray Apple Watch.

Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Band 90

There is a tremendous amount of different other styles of Apple Watch bands you can pick from Black Forest Atelier’s new Etsy online store, that I am sure there must be at least one of them fits your style and need.

Black Forest Atelier Apple Watch Band 40

For more high quality pictures like the above ones, be sure to check out and follow my Instagram account at @superphenblog. Stay tuned for more review and product photography like this in the near future.

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  1. Edson says:

    Great quality product for the price. I have been using this strap for a couple of months and Im delighted with it. I have sensitive skin but the strap does not irritate at all and looks much more expensive than it was. I would recommend it.thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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