Desk Setup with iQunix Accessories

Building a sleek desk setup has been a task that most tech-savy persons want to achieve. Clearing up for a minimalistic desk workspace not only can help the person who works at the desk feel more relaxed in a less cluttered environment, but ultimately help improve productivity out of the desk setup.


Thanks for the great and generous sponsor from iQunix, I was able to start building my dream desk setup with a number of accessories from iQunix that help declutter my messy small desk area.

But well before I connect with iQunix, I have been using iQunix Edin, a very sleek, desk space-saving, anodized aluminium stand for Macbook when I reorganized my desk setup a few months back with an extra external monitor with my Macbook Pro in clamshell mode.


The best thing that the iQunix Edin has over other similar products in the market is that it is adjustable to fit any laptops with thickness between 0.4 inch and 1.18 inches. It is particularly useful for me as I have the TwelveSouth BaseLift adhered with my Macbook Pro that has been a very handy solution for lifting up the Macbook for better viewing angle and companion to reduce wrist fatigue.


The revision of desk setup started with the iQunix Spider where I can put my LG monitor that comes with a space-wasting circular base, at the same time put some other accessories, such as my Magic Keyboard and  Magic Trackpad 2 underneath the stand that I used to stew them in a drawer.

Key features of iQunix Spider:

  • Aluminum monitor stand with a keyboard shelf in which you can place many stuffs like keyboard and MacBook.
  • Free up the space under the monitor away from spills with a high load-bearing of no more than 20kg.
  • You can also place stuffs on the plate of the stand.
  • Chamfers for wire threading keep the wires even the desk from being in a mess.
  • Elevates the screen to match eye level which is comfortable for cervical vertebra.
  • Rubber base preventing you monitor and desk from scratch marks.

This better help utilize the limited desk space, clean up my desk, free up space by putting away accessories that I frequently with that definitely help improve my daily workflow.

After adopting the usage of Apple Magic Mouse 2, I basically ditched mouse pads as the mouse can run on any surface without issue. However, I am going to switch between the Magic Mouse 2 and my upcoming Logitech MX Master Large Mouse but tired of my old-fashions plastic piece of mouse pad. I did see some designers showing off pieces of aluminum mouse pads and fortunately iQunix sponsored me with this.


There are 12″, 13.5″ and 15″sizes and I picked the 13.5″ inch one due to limitation of the desk space. Below are some specifications and features for the iQunix Pad:

  • Crafted with anodized, sandblasted aluminum alloy imported from Germany
  • Chamfered edge
  • Rubberized honeycomb base for best stability


Not only does the mouse pad looks gorgeous with the setup, it is very comfortable to rest the wrist on and play with the mouse. I did not encounter any friction or stutter with my Magic Mouse 2 running on the iQunix Pad.

The last piece to complete my setup is a nice, sleek headphone stand. Here comes the iQunix Lyrae Headphone Stand, special red edition:

  • Universal stand for all size headphones
  • Anodized and sandblasting aluminum surface with smooth, tactile impression
  • Rubber mat on the holder helps protect headphone beam


I had another aluminum headphone stand that had been occupied by two wired headphone and placed at the corner of my entire desk. I need a separate one to match with my Matte Black Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphone. The red edition of the iQunix Lyrae matches perfectly with the headphone. The slim profile does save lots of space from the desk while still performs well to hold my headphone in a safe and elegant manner.



What is your opinion on my setup? Let me know in the comments.


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