Review: Xtorm Power Case for iPhone and Power Bank Air

For years, third-party manufacturers for power banks and battery cases for smartphones and tablets have been digging hard for perfection under fierce competition for homogenous products in the market. Multiple ports support, high voltage outputs, higher capacity, slimmer designs…have all been targets to achieve leading to competitive edges.

I have used quite a few major brands out there including mophie and ChargeTech for both their power bank and iPhone battery cases. One of the major drawbacks for mophie is the price. The products are excellent that can run for years but the entry-level price is also premium to opt in. I can easily swap out a few ‘brand-less’ power banks or battery cases while still spending less than either one from mophie.


Thanks to the sponsor from Xtorm, I know there is a good option that offers very good value for money along with product performance.

Xtorm Power Case for iPhone 6 / 6S – Buy now at €59

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  • Battery capacity: 3100mAh
  • Battery-type: Li-Polymer
  • Dimensions: 1.5x7x15.2cm
  • Input: Micro USB 1,6A
  • Output: Apple Lightning 1A
  • Weight 103 grams
  • Including: Pre-charged Battery Case, Manual, Micro USB charging cable


The Xtorm Power Case is a feather-light Battery Case for iPhones  6/ 6S that does not add too much bulk comparing with many other battery cases with the similar capacity of 3100mAh in the market. The case itself is aesthetically pleasing and sleek, feels comfortable in hand as it curves smoothly around the edges. The matte finish at the back prevents the phone from slipping through your hands, but at the same time, it does a bit fingerprint while using.


One of the best things that many other manufacturers can do is to have their product charged before being shipped. Xtorm pre-charged all their devices including this Power Case that allows users to plug-in and use right out of the box. With high output performance right from the built-in lightning connector on the case, the Xtorm Power Case is able to fully charge an iPhone 6/ 6S within 2½ hours.


Another nice touch is tha the battery case comes with swappable bumper case that offers additional layer of protection to the Battery case itself and the iPhone being used. The bumper comes with black color and transparent which I think the transparent one fits most iPhone color such as Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. If you prefer a sleeker look with the battery as a whole, the black bumper should be the one to go with. The bumper holds tight with the battery case, but it is also not difficult to dissemble.


However, it does lead to a small drawback which is thickness added to the edge of the case and the phone that you will need to plug-in your headphone with the dongle shipped with the case in order to listen to audio or pickup phone calls hands-free.


It is not the best-selling point here but if you look for a bit protection with the bumper to the phone itself to trade-off a bit convenience of using the headphone jack, it definitely worth having the case on and carry the dongle along.


But if you do not want to bother with the dongle, the front facing speaker grill is a pretty good alternative for getting decent audio output.

Overall speaking, the Xtorm Power Case is a very decent option for the 4.7″ iPhones with good design and performance at an affordable price, considering this European brand is much more trustworthy than those unknown ones on Amazon and eBay that could be tagged with similar price range.

Xtorm Power Bank “Air” 6000 – Buy now at €39

Use code superXT20 to get 20% off from all your Xtorm purchase! Valid through 1 March, 2017!

The Xtorm Power Bank Air is an award-winning power bank that offers double USB fast charging output with a very portable design. It is capable for charing up any devices like smartphone, tablets and even my mirrorless Sony A7 Mark II via USB cables.


The Power Bank Air 6000 is crafted from high-grade polyether with a matte, rubberized top and bottom. It houses an internal 6.000mAh li-ion battery, which provides up to 3 times of power for a smartphone. Pressing the only button on the power bank will light up the LED indicators that can tell users how much power left inside.


An integrated charging cable attached to the body of the power bank allowes users to charge up the power bank anywhere; via Mains, PC USB, etc. You can also charge it via the micro USB port underneth with a separate cable.

I have been using the Xtorm Power Bank for about 2 weeks after receiving it and have done some statistics over the output performance on my iPhone 6S Plus at normal daily use and general phone settings. The speed is very impressive especially when the phone is at low battery level. It takes around half an hours to bring the phone from 40% battery life back to over 70% and similar time to take it to 90%.


I consider this a very decent companion to carry around to keep the phone away from running out of juice. As a “battery guy” I am, I feel less nervous when I have this power bank with me as I know I can simply plug it into my phone, throw it into my backpack, hang around for a while and the phone is back to a very safe level of battery life.


The Xtorm Power Bank “Air” 6000 is now my daily driver that I carry it to work and weekend travels. For its ideal small form factor and good performance, it is definitely one of the best power banks I have ever tried and I highly recommend you get one. There are also smaller and higher capacity options that you should check out for your need as well.

Let me know what you think about Xtorm products in the comments.



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