Review: PunkJuice and StudStar Waterproof, Snowproof, Drop Proof Cases for iPhone 6/6S

There are many iPhone cases out there in the market that look good aesthetically, with all kinds of designs, colors and materials for customers to choose from. However, not all of them are performing well in terms of putting up protection over your phone, considering most people pick one up for this purpose at first place. If you buy a case simply because of its appearance, you may feel disappointingly surprise when your iPhone slips out of your hand. It only takes one hit to smash your iPhone screen, or permanently damage your phone as a whole.


Here comes with the PunkJuice and the StudStar, which are manufactured by Punkcase, that look pretty good and offers great functionality and protection.

Punkcase PunkJuice Waterproof Battery Case – Buy Now at $89.98


Key features

  • A 2,750 mAh battery that adds 120% battery life to your iPhone 6 or 6S
  • 36 month replacement warranty (for faulty material or craftmanship)
  • Air-tight, water-proof protection around ports and headphone jack
  • Dirt and dust-proof
  • Snow and ice-proofing
  • Heavy duty anti-shock system to protect against scratches and drops
  • Rounded bumpers for additional protection for vulnerable corners
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Anti-slip grip


It is rare in the market for a battery case that also comes with rugged design, which serves both purposes of physical phone protection and provision of extra battery life to the phone. Because of its rugged nature, it is a perfect solution to take it along on adventures to stand against environmental pressure in wildest escapades where, at the same time, you are not able to reach a power source, and saves you from carrying additional power banks and cables.

Punkcase StudStar Waterproof iPhone Case – Buy Now at $39.98

Key features

  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Multilayered protection to keep your iPhone 6 or 6S safe.
  • Polypropylene back bumper
  • Tough polycarbonate shell
  • Raised bevel made of TPU
  • HD Clear, scratch-resistant screen protector
  • Dirt and dust-proofing
  • Snow and ice-proofing
  • IP68 certification: Water-proofing up to 6.6 feet or 2 meters
  • Multiple color options

This is also an impressive case to use to protect your iPhone 6 or 6S from damage, if you are not a big fan of a battery case that adds additional weight and thickness. It stands even under harshest winters with ice and snow.


With the advanced sealing protection covering all areas of the phone where water ingress would be possible, the case can simply keep any water, snow and ice firmly away from your phone. No matter what the weather conditions, the StudStar will keep your iPhone 6 or 6S completely dry and fully functional.

You can get the StudStar Case for $39.98. Comparing with most other cases offering similar functionality that are priced at $60 or more, what Punkcase offers here is absolutely a steal. Head over to Punkcase now and shop for the case you need for any models of phone you may have.

Let me know what you think about Punkcase’s PunkJuice and the StudStar iPhone cases in the comments and be sure to subscribe for more reviews like this in the very near future.

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