Review: Mintapple New Style Leather Apple Watch Straps

Earlier this year, we reviewed a premium Crocodile Leather Apple Watch Strap from Mintapple.The strap is limited for its material and the relative more premium price tag is not for everyone. On a contradictory, the response has been quite well and there is constant reader traffic coming in to check on this strap. They might have returned with disappointment, if they are interested, as the strap has been out of stock for quite a while for its precious material made of. But Mintapple has built some great stuff with a more affordable price tag and brought to the community this winter.


Recently, Mintapple released a few new line ups of New Style Apple Watch Straps, namely Alligator, Crocodile, Lizard, Ostrich and Super Soft Leather Straps with quite a few color variants to pick from. In this review, we are going to take a look at two of them, the Crocodile Leather and Super Soft Leather Straps, thanks to the sponsor from Mintapple.


Following the tradition, Mintapple continues to ship their bands with a nice and sleek package with the Apple Watch Strap securely positioned in scratch-free foam tray. For this new strap, Mintapple has added a nice touch to the packaging to have a transparent window so customers can look through it and see how the strap looks like.

Fact sheet

Before we head to the review and detailed pictures, below are the variants you can get from Mintapple for these two straps you may be interested to know:

  • Watch Case Size: 38mm, 42mm
  • Watch Type: Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 (due to slight difference on the opening in terms of height and contour at the slot for sliding in the watch adapter)
  • Leather Material: 100% genuine Calf Leather
  • Leather Color: Black, Brown
  • Hardware Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Hardware Color: Stainless Steel Silver, Space Grey, Space Black, Edition Yellow Gold, Edition Rose Gold, Sport Yellow Gold, Sport Rose Gold, Sport Aluminum Silver
  • Buckle Type: Deployment Claps with buttons

Quick Take

The leather quality is fantastic. Despite of thick embossed leather used like what the genuine Hermes Leather Bands do, the Mintapple bands are not stiff out of the box and it can easily get well with your wrist after some wears. The material used for both outer and inner layer leathers are 100% calf leather that has a pleasant smell and a smooth surface for best comfort. The patterns for the Crocodile variant is well-crafted and I have already got quite a few compliments for how it is aesthetically pleasant to eyes.

The stitching work is great too. It is carefully done and consistent along the line even at the part close to the adapters. The threads used also match with the color of the strap which is a very thoughtful touch.

The buckle design is amazing and I really love it for its design, build quality and how easy it works. The 316L Stainless Steel feels very solid and high quality and is well brushed or polished on different faces. It is a subtle but a very welcomed touch to make it look more elegant and less boring.

One of the best moves in response to customers’ and my readers’ request is that Mintapple is engraving their logo on the inner side of the buckle instead of the face out. This should have pleased who were unhappy with the apparent logo on the strap or buckle on previous generations.

Taking the watch on and off could not be any easier. Simply press the button on both sides to release the buckle. You can also easily adjust the strap to fit your wrist by lifting the clamp to release the strap and press the clamp down the secure it for specific length you find most comfortable with. This offers a better flexibility than traditional adjustment holes that I often find somewhere between two holds the best fit for my wrist.

The adapters used are of high quality too. I have not got any issue to slide them into the slot and secure it inside the slot. Another good thing is that the adapters come with screws which means you can easily change the adapter with a different color to match another Apple Watch in case you see a need.


Mintapple has set the bar higher again to gain more happy customers to enjoy a great leather Apple Watch strap at relatively affordable price than Apple’s line-up but with superior build quality and luxurious feel. The new styles looks elegant and fit for any occasions, both business and leisure. But as the rule of thumb for preserving the condition of leather goods, it will not be a wise choice for workout or heavy outdoor activities.

Certainly you can tell from this review that I am taking the Crocodile style as my daily driver now. If you are interested, head over to Mintapple and pick your new straps as soon as you can as the stock lasts for the new year coming in a couple of days from now. There are also other variants of this band such as Alligator, Lizard and Ostrich and they all look pretty good for the price.

Let me know what you think about Mintapple’s New Style Apple Watch Straps in the comments and be sure to check out more Apple Watch reviews on the blog.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim Hopp says:

    The Mintapple company and product do not live up to their advertisement. The leather watch band I purchased is awkwardly tough, and stiff, making it uncomfortable to wear with light 38mm Apple watch. Also, the Mintapple Return Policy is completely unreasonable, inflexible and ridiculous. A UK company shipping to the US took almost 20 days for watch band to arrive and they have a 14 day return policy. When my return was delivered to Mintapple on 21st day, Mintapple said they would not refund. I had already spent half the price off the watch band, $34USD to return the band. So, the result was I spent over $100USD and have zero but pain and anguish to show for it. Do not waste your time and money shopping with Mintapple. MINTAPPLE IS A SHAM. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND OR FOLLOW CUSTOMER SERVICE.


    1. Mintapple says:

      Hi Tim,

      We appreciate your feedback however we wanted to correct you on a few points;

      – Order placed December 31st
      – Order delivered January 3rd
      – Refund requested January 27th

      Our returns policy is not put together by our team, it is a European Union standard with 14 day returns. We would have been happy to refund your item regardless of you exceeding this deadline as a gesture of goodwill as explained however your order was returned in a state that shows clear wear & serious marking of the leather with a stain which we cannot resell as the item is used yet no fault claimed by yourself.

      If you would like to discuss further please email us at


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  2. Jay Gee says:

    I would agree with Tim. if you search online you will find that many customers are unhappy with the customer service from mintapple. They are perfectly entitled as a firm to disagree with their customers. However I’m not sure, personally, that a firm who takes such an attitude to their customers is worthy of customer and I for one will not be placing any with them.


  3. James says:

    I would just like to advise any people who are thinking of buying Apple Watch band from mintapple. Please please video the complete unboxing of these from opening the sealed package your sent. I was not given a full refund for my returned items. After being told the bands were not returned with the security tags. However the bands I received never came with any on in the first place. Hence the advice to video the unboxing. Even the unboxing pictures above do not show the bands having security tags attached. Surely in a review and unboxing linked to the min apple web site, having these details and pictures in would give customers, the added assurance how these bands are sent out. I just don’t want any other customer to lose out on refund money owed the them. However I will never be buying anything from mintapple again, very poor customer service.


  4. Jay Gee says:

    Frankly Mintapple are liars. Their response above is factually incorrect. I submitted a claim via Money Claims Online (sometimes referred to as the small claims court) and got a full refund. It’s very simple to do.

    List their CEO as defendant:
    Mr Dale Bishop 31 Rounds Road Worcester
    WR5 1SU

    Particulars I cited:

    I purchased a leather apple watch strap from this firm on the 10th October this year. When it arrived it was faulty and would not
    connect to the watch face correctly. I immediately reported this to the firm. I have also provided them with video evidence showing how straps from 3 other manufacturers attach satisfactorily thus demonstrating then fault is with their strap not the watch body. They have been very difficult to deal with not responding to
    emails etc. They have finally agreed to refund my return postage costs and the cost of the strap. However they have refused to refund the original money I paid them for delivery (£6.99). I understand that I cannot claim for the inconvenience but I believe I am fully entitled to ask to be put back into the position I was prior to their supply of
    a defective product (which could also include cost of my packaging materials to return).

    I claimed for £10 plus the £25 court fee. Frankly it wasn’t about the money at all but the principle

    Further if you would like to annoy the plonker who runs the company direct email him…. You’ll likely get some idiotic replies talking rubbish and then get your email blocked…. But worth it as clearly means you’ve annoyed the wazzock 😉


    1. James says:

      Many thanks for your further update Jay


      1. Jaime Nuwar-Graham says:

        Good luck James. Let me know how you get on. Searching around the net find nothing but bad news about this firm and afraid the owner/MD is a grade A cockwomble!


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