Review: Pocket Bandit Game for Apple Watch

Pocket Bandit is a fun and fast-paced puzzle game running natively on Apple Watch that you simply turn the Digital Crown to heist for a treasure!


Thanks to the sponsor from Seele Games, I am able to have a quick hands-on with the game and I really liked it since Runeblade, the last game I played on my Apple Watch for more than a year ago.

The game features itself to be a quick, fun and deep puzzle game for Apple Watch. It has more than 100 treasures to hunt for and has a festive theme to steal Santa Claus factory this month, and more will be coming with beautiful graphics. Of course, there is no In-App Purchase to keep you going for advancing in the game for higher score.


To play the game, you will need to use the Digital Crown to simulate turning of the safe dial. Your Apple Watch will vibrate when you almost or directly hit the right digits. Try on next digits to get the safe opened and win the treasure and keep going for higher accumulated score!

pocket bandit apple watch gameplay5.jpg copy.jpg

There is also a complication that you can put on your Apple Watch face not only can you quickly launch the game but it also shows your progress of looting and the highest score you achieved.

pocket bandit apple watch game imessage sticker copy.jpg

Another gem here is that the game bundles with 10 stickers for iMessage, which matches the theme and is a very nice addition to the game itself. I do hope the developer could add more stickers in future updates.


Overall speaking, Pocket Bandit is a fun little game for Apple Watch. It is a very good time killer. The gameplay, logic and control are very intuitive. Each turn consumes less than a minute and you can drop out at anytime which makes the game a very nice time killer like when you are queuing for something or waiting for someone.


You can now get Pocket Bandit from the App Store for $1.99.

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