Review: Hoco Nike+ Apple Watch Bands

Yet, the key issue with the Nike+ Apple Watch Band is that Apple does not want to sell them separately from the Apple Watch itself, regardless of overwhelming demand from the community, leaving both existing Apple Watch owners or new users who might have got themselves with Stainless Steel or Ceramic Watches that may also love the new band design disappointed.


There created opportunities for the third-party band makers. Couple months ago, we reviewed some knockoff Nike+ Apple Watch Bands with multiple color variants that are not officially available from Apple. There are more manufacturers released the bands under the own brand name like Ouluoqqi for around $20. One of their major competitors in the market, Hoco, another very popular brand that offers Apple aftermarket products with good value for money, has recently joined the game.


Thanks to the sponsor from Focuseak, I am able to get the first-hand, pre-released package of the Hoco Nike+ Apple Watch Bands with three color variants right from the production line. The only color missing against the official ones offered by Apple is the Silver/White so you may need to wait a bit if you are a fan of Hoco.

  • $25.99 – Order Now
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Direct links to each color variants are listed below. Both 38mm and 42mm sizes are available.



The first impression when I received the shipment is all on the design of the package itself rather than the band inside.

Unlike any other bands from Hoco, it appears that Hoco intentionally made it to color-match with the design of the cool black Nike+ Apple Watch package. I used to be very careless to the unboxing but this time I tend to handle with care.

There is also a QR code that you can scan to validate if the product you purchased is Hoco original. I have scanned all the three packages and they all returned with positive results.


After lifting up Inside the box, you will find the watch band tucked under the cardboard stripes. And that is all you got in the whole package. Be careful when you take the bands out as there is a metal pin securing it on the cardboard that you need to remove first.

Quick Takes

The Hoco Nike+ Bands fits both Series 1 and 2 Apple Watches that I will use both of them in this review. The bands ship with the M/L band so it should fit most wrists unless you have a really small one. It shared similar thickness as other knockoff Nike+ bands. They are soft in nature and very comfortable to wear as far as I tested.


It replicates the design philosophy of the genuine band with compression‑molded perforations. It looks exactly the same against the genuine bands. Comparing with those knockoff bands that I reviewed earlier, Hoco did a much better job on this aspect that the perforations are more precise, and not as weak and easily deformed when putting onto the wrist as those made by smaller manufacturers failed on.


You may notice, if any chance happening on the band you receive, a little bit of manufacturing flaws under my close-up shots. But they actually look insignificant from a distance.

In terms of color, I do see a variance against what you might imagine. For instance, the Yellow color is apparently different from Volt. It is closer to pale yellow and less vibrant comparing to Volt or Green. Do manage your expectation as the product description has already indicated it is the yellow color variant instead of Volt.

The metal pin is made of polished stainless steel and the quality is fairly good. The adapter is okay too and I had no issue or difficulty when sliding the band onto my Apple Watches.



Final Thoughts

We all understand that Apple’s Sport Bands or Nike+ Bands are made of higher quality fluoroelastomer to make it to a higher density and more durable for active use. On the other hand, third-party Sport Bands are basically all made of Silicone to keep low-cost material and manufacturing processes, as well as to maintain a more similar feel and appearance against Apple Watch Bands.


Same situation here, set your expectation for this Hoco Band like many other third-party Sport Bands on the material and feel. However, the bands do feel solid in hand.

Despite the fact that it is not the cheapest option you can get in the market for a knockoff Nike+ Apple Watch Band, Hoco, for its popularity and word of mouth has been great. It is a definite trustworthy option you can pick at a reasonable price.


What do you think about the third-party Nike+ Apple Watch Band offered by Hoco? Are you probably buying one of these? Or have you got other options already? Let me know in the comments.

Nike+ Apple Watch Box image credit

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    The apple watch band is looking nice and beautiful,this apple watch band have lots of features like calling and massing and lots of games and other features. all the features are related to the i love the apple watch bands most.thanks for sharing this post with us

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