Review: PITAKA Aramid Case for iPhone

There are a number of iPhone cases that are made of Carbon Fibre or with a Carbon Fibre surface which quite a few of them look aesthetically pleasing to many. However, they are relatively fragile to drops or external forces and not elastic for bending which is quite risky for iPhone users like myself changing the case a couple of times a week as if I will break the case at any time. More importantly, they usually cost a bit for a design mark-up that makes the purchase less justifiable in this sense.


Thanks to the sponsor from PITAKA, I get to know there are iPhone cases that are made of Aromatic Polyamide (a.k.a Aramid), a man-made strong synthetic fabric material, one of the most durable materials on earth originally developed for and used in aerospace or military applications such as body armor.


Their appearance looks similar to Carbon Fibre but indeed they perform well better than Carbon Fibre in terms of stiffness, elasticity, weight, and more importantly its non-conductivity nature help improve mobile signal and connectivity.


In this review, we are going to take a look at PITAKA’s Aramid Fiber Case for iPhone 6S Plus which is basically identical to iPhone 7/7 Plus line up, but the newer iPhone cases have more options in terms of colors and designs.pitaka-aramid-77


PITAKA use Vacuum Forming technology to shape the Aramid fibers into the perfect iPhone case inspired by traditional craft methodology. The combination of advanced material and forming techniques creates ultimate cases for smartphones or accessories with strength and protection without adding weight or losing beauty, style and comfort with their unique 3D Grip feature.


By gathering a group of composite materials technical nerds and designers, PITAKA is well-known for its elegance, simplicity and high quality composite materials accessories. Each product is designed and created with precision and the philosophy “Stay Slim, Stay Simple”.

About Aramid Case for iPhones

PITAKA’s Aramid iPhone case brings military-grade protection to iPhones with unique material. And for such, the case is probably the world’s lightest iPhone case with a very sleek profile.


Below are some of the key features of the Aramid case in a nutshell:

  • Made of 100% Aramid, one of the most durable materials on Earth, 5 times stronger than Steel at the same weight
  • Slim profile of 0.65mm thin
  • Minimum weight of less than 10g
  • No interference to Wi-fi, GPS and mobile signal
  • Extraordinary scratch-resistant coating
  • Grippy but not slippery coating


The unboxing has cannot be more intuitive. You will find the Aramid Case, a 0.3mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector of the size of choice with a micro-fibre cleaning cloth inside, and a quick start manual.

The quick starter guide clearly leads you through the setup process of putting on the case and how to easily remove the case starting from the bottom right hand corner. I tried this out and it is indeed the best way comparing with other sides or corners of the case.

Quick Takes

My first impression to the Aramid Case is super light and thin. It is even more “feather-like” than the UAG Case that I have been a fan of for years. Instead of trading off with a bulky silicone cushion for extreme protection, the Aramid Case is shipped with minimalistic thickness and weight.


The slim profile fits in the hands and the jeans pockets so well. Despite of that, the Aramid case does feel very solid and more elastic and not something you might think as it looks like carbon fiber.


Having the nature of material which can be weaved and coloured for different patterns, the design and color combinations and aesthetically appealing and sleek. I am really a big fan of how the alternate Black/Red Twill pattern shines under light and I have got a few random compliment for this iPhone case design already.


The silky finish both inner and outer is distinctive and pleasant to hold in the hand. It feels smoother and more comfortable to hold than the common Carbon Fibre. It is definitely not a slippery one


The corners and edges do rise up a little bit to better protect the phone on the surroundings which is definitely a nice touch and a plus to the great features the case has already managed to have. The case also holds tight onto the phone and does not wiggle at all like those that are not precisely manufactured.


Just a couple downsides are that it is open at the bottom for all the ports and metal parts you may have to bear in mind while enjoying the convenience of having easy access to the ports and uncovered speaker and microphone grill.


Additionally, it does attract some fingerprint especially when I am using a case with a darker color. But it is effortless to wipe them off from the case with a slightly wet cotton cloth or micro-fiber cleaning cloth that comes with the package.


I did put the case on some rough surfaces when going for photo shooting for this review, both face up and upside down, throwing the phone into the bag with key chains and other stuff for charging over dinner time. By now, I could hardly find any tidy scratch or micro abrasion on any part of the case.


It is very easy for me to recommend the Aramid Case from PITAKA. The experience of using the case has been great over the weekend. For those who love slim profile while need a great deal amount of protection, you can’t go wrong with your $40 purchase for the holiday. It is indeed a gem in the rough out of the thousands choices in the market.


Let me know how you think about PITAKA’s Aramid iPhone Case down below in the comments. More reviews are in the pipeline so make sure you follow us on social media – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates on more reviews like this one.


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