Review: CoBattery iPhone Battery Case

Are you looking for a power bank or battery case for your iPhone during the holiday season? Have you ever thought of having swappable battery for your iPhone? CoBattery may be that suits your need.


Thanks to the sponsorship from CoBattery, we are going to take a look at their flagship product – the CoBattery iPhone Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s.

  • $80 – Order now
  • Additional battery or charger $15 each


The CoBattery kit comes with one iPhone case (available for iPhone 5, 6, 6S, 6+, and SE), two 3200mAh swappable batteries, a charger, a micro-USB charging cable and a starter guide.

The batteries are wrapped with different color stickers with CoBattery logos on it which is quite representative. The manual is user-friendly to guide users through the setup, charging and installation processes.

About the CoBattery iPhone Battery Case

CoBattery is a successful KickStarter campaign that filled in the gap for the need of swappable iPhone battery by implementing on an iPhone case. They aim at eliminating the waiting time while your iPhone is being charged with traditional ways or a need plug in your iPhone to a power bank with cables cumbering around.

Setting this up

The installation and setup process is intuitive. Simple snap on the case and the openings to the ports should align perfectly as shown below.

Next, align the battery with the charging pin on the case and snap it in. Plug the Lightning connector at the bottom of the case into your iPhone’s Lightning Port and it will start charging.

Charging the battery is a breeze as well. Plug in your Micro-USB cable to the charging dock and align the charging pin on the battery pack with the appropriate position in the charging dock. Turn on the wall adapter and there you go with the battery charging up and you can set it aside until the LED indicator turns green.


Quick takes

Overall speaking, after trying the CoBattery iPhone battery case for a few days, for Pro users like me, I am quite pleased with what is offered by CoBattery for its functionality, practicality and performance, hence concluded the below:


  • Untethered solution for extra battery life
  • Swappable battery allows simultaneous battery charging on independent and iPhone usage with the battery case
  • Competitive price
  • Intuitive setup and installation
  • Stable charging performance
  • No headphone dongle needed


  • Industrial design may not be aesthetically appealing
  • Need to carry extra charger and charging cable


Until we get a hardware upgrade on iPhones to include wireless charging capability, we are basically stuck with what Apple or other third-party manufacturers’ solutions to have a battery case that adds up much weight, thickness and rigidness. Swapping batteries may seem like something historical, or more likely happening on Android devices, but CoBattery has proven it to be practical and welcomed by iPhone users.

Let me know what you think in the comments about CoBattery battery case for iPhones.

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