Review: Da Luca Vintage Apple Watch Strap (Sophear)

While we are still celebrating the holiday season and everyone is busy on getting deals a nd gifts for themselves, family and friends, how about having something special and standing out that you or your beloved ones can wear and use every day in most occasions?


Da Cula gets you covered here if you are tired of trial-and-error and hopping around different sites. And in this review, we are showing you an amazingly elegant Apple Watch leather strap, top of the line from Da Luca, featured with a vintage style namely Sophear.

About Da Luca

Found in San Diego, CA in 2009, Da Luca has been devoted its in-house manufacturing workshop to high level of craftsmanship in producing the finest hand crafted watch straps and expanded to high quality accessories such as wallets, belts, key chains, t-shirts and hats and among many other finely made goods.

Apple Watch Wrist Touch Red Blue Shirt.jpg

Quality, simplicity and best-class customer services are always at the forefront to make their customer happy.

The Sophear strap


The Sophear watch strap is made of vintage ammo pouch leather that feels and looks top-notch and will age and develop a gorgeous patina over the years of use.


  • Length: 119mm/72mm
  • Width: 22mm
  • Thickness: 3.4mm
  • Buckle: Polished
  • Material: Swiss Ammo Leather
  • Adapter: Per request to match with customer’s Apple Watch
  • Ships with Apple Watch adapter screwdriver tool

Quick Take

Coming with a relative masculine design, the Sophear strap has a very unique, rugged style on every part along the strap, adjustment holes, stitching, threads and free loop. The strap looks traditional yet familiarly elegant coloring. Along with a large size, polished classic buckle, the entire strap shows a warm, fashionable and timeless vintage character as a whole that fits in basically any fitting and attire in your wardrobe.


You can smell the high quality Ammo Leather on this delightful vintage band, which benefits from stitching detail down at every edges of the strap and the classic stainless steel buckle. The leather used is thick and tough however well-refined on the surface.

Despite that the strap does feel a bit stiff out of the box and may take a few days usage for the leather to get soften up tp conform with the wrist, it is indeed very comfortable to wear and classy looking strap that injects a dose of style to your Apple Watch that you could easily get random compliments from people you may meet in any business or leisure occasions.

The adjustment holes are pretty much sufficient to fit most wrist sizes. For myself at 155mm wrist, I am using the second hole which is very comfortable and allows a good amount of length if I could get stronger in future.

Although the Da Luca branded hardware being review are limited to the polished silver stainless steel and looks fine with the mid-range Apple Watch, you can always get yourself the right colored adapters that fits your Apple Watch best.


With years of experience in satisfying customers with top quality and hearty design handmade watch straps and men’s accessories, the Sophear strap and hundreds other options from Da Luca certainly echoed with the mid-ranged price tag with great value for money.

The rugged stitching and vintage design of this particular premium Sophear strap adds dozens of characters especially if you are looking for an absolute masculine approach. The genuine Ammo Leather definitely grows with time that even starts gaining such over the past week that I have been wearing mostly outdoors under different weather and humidity conditions.


Stay tuned with another cool looking Horween style watch strap from Da Luca but meanwhile, be sure to check out more stylish Apple Watch straps on Da Luca official site  and lifestyle photos of this vintage Sophear strap on our Instagram feed and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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