Review: Replica Hermès Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle

Couple days ago we talked about the ‘really close’ replica Hermès Single Tour Band. In the Apple Watch Subreddit post I shared, one of the readers was looking for a good alternative to Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle that only comes with the expensive 42mm Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 listed at $1,399 and Apple is not selling it separately.


I was at some point aware of such replica in the Chinese aftermarket and I did spent some time to search it again. Yesterday, I was able to find it on Taobao, one of the largest B2C online markets in China, available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches and picked one up for 38mm for around $30 including transportation costs. (Disclaimer: I paid for this band by myself and not associated with any of the sellers. They do not ship internationally but only China, Hong Kong and Macau)



The replica Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle is shipped with a very simple, unattractive packaging with only the band inside the box. No surprise that it looks quite alike the real thing that Apple showed in pictures.

The leather band

The band is definitely not comparable to the high cost Fauve Barenia made by Hermès. It does have similar texture, feel, thickness quality with the Hoco Saddle Brown Classic Buckle which costs $25. It has a good smell as a normal calf leather. The stitching is quite precise and no thread is sticking out. The finish on the edges are fairly done by machine.

The outer layer is quite vulnerable to stretches so as the edges and I was able to mess up the adjustment holes with the metal buckle tongue easily with a few touches only. For the inner layer, it is a thin layer of calf leather. It smells good, feels smooth and soft and comfortable on wrist.

The Deployment Buckle and adapters

The Deployment Buckle should be the main cast here. It comes with surprisingly good quality.The material feels strong and durable. It has a polished, glossy finish. There is no glitches when opening and closing. Simply pressing the clasp on both side and the buckle will open smoothly. And the buckle itself is well attached to the shorter band and the connector is well placed in the band.

The adapters are also polished to match with the buckles but you can always get different finishes from third-party sellers to match with your Apple Watch casing.

Putting onto Stainless Steel Apple Watch

A picture can tell millions words and below are some shots from different angles showing how the band looks like with the Stainless Steel Apple Watch, both off and on wrist.

This is how it looks like when putting on the wrist. You cannot really tell from a distance that this is the Deployment buckle unless you get closer to look at how it looks with the two free loops or looking at the area near the skin from the side.

What is your comment on this replica Deployment Buckle Apple Watch band? Let me know down below if you are interested in getting one for the holiday.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    I neeeed one of these!


  2. mytaxadmin says:

    Stephen Chan, is that for the whole watch or just the band? it’s hard to tell on the website


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      It’s the band not the whole watch.


  3. nmulnick says:

    Any recommendations on where to buy now? Doesn’t look like the link above is working now. Thanks!


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Not that I am aware of for now, unfortunately


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