[Sponsored] Huion GT-220 v2 Pen Display 21.5 Inch IPS Tablet Monitor

Huion GT-220 v2 is the new and upgraded version of GT-220, a powerful graphics tablet and input device for designing, drawing, sketching or just marking any annotations.

The tablet monitor has an immersive 21.5’’ Full HD LCD display with aspect ratio of 16:9 at 1920×1080 pixels, which is capable to display 17 million colors and contrast ratio at 1000:1, brightness 250 cd/m2, and 5ms response time. It also has an excellent range of 2048 pressure levels with resolution of 5080 LPI and 233 RPS. With adjustable stand and wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, users can adjust as they wish to build wide spectrum of useful positions.


With updating antenna, there is no longer issue with awaking from automatically sleep mode and cursor offset as its predecessor. Linearity is also greatly optimized in this new version. The display now also supports HDMI, USB, DVI and VGA outputs that adds flexibility to users’ needs.


The new rechargeable stylus pen for Huion GT-220 v2 can recognize 2048 pressure levels and can easily restore any handwriting as if it is a real drawing pen. It is fully protected by fine rubber, which prevents slipping from hands. With upgraded firmware, which is compatible with most recent Windows and MacOS as well as most main stream graphic software, the stylus pen interacts with the screen more responsively and with more precise cursor positioning on the display unit.

81zvoeefjtl-_sl1500_For more details about Huion Graphic Tablet, you may check out the Huion official website and the video review from Draw with Jazza below.

You can order your Huion GT-220 v2 Pen Display 21.5 Inch IPS Tablet Monitor from Amazon below and use coupon code HUION220 to get 5% off. 

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