Review: Woodford Design Quickdraw LED MFi Lightning Cable

Undoubtedly, a good quality Lightning Charging Cable is crucial for iPhone users for fast and safe charging, and almost every one of them owns more than one cable, at least one at home, one at office and one for travels. There is abundant of choices in the iPhone accessory aftermarket but most of them looks alike. Quite a number of third-party manufacturers have done it right with excellent quality MFi certified Lightning cables with more durable materials, faster charging speed, various length choices, fancier design and color options, but selling at a very competitive price point, etc., The competition has been fierce though, as most of them looks alike and in most consumers’ eye, they are basically homogenous.


Woodford Design is one of the best examples that stands our from the crowd. Their Quickdraw 3.0 LED Lightning Charging Cable has been on my wish-list for long, for its outstanding design with a functional LED indicator at the Lightning connector, not only adds a little fun when looking at the flashing LED while charging, but more importantly, tells you right away if the device has been fully charged. And in case you do not know, it also comes with a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase for any defects in materials or workmanship whilst in normal use.


Key features

  • LED charging light, know when your battery is at 100%
  • Reversible USB
  • Magnetic cable organizer
  • Crafted, sand blasted, anodised aluminium
  • 1 Meter Woven braided cable
  • Super strong and durable
  • Injection moulded electronics
  • Mirror etched graphics
  • Apple MFi Certified
  • Lifetime guarantee


Since a big success on Kickstarter a while back, Woodford Design has been improving their charging cables on both quality and design. The third generation cables we received as review units has been improved with updated electronics, subtle refined mirror logos and with a more aesthetically appealing design.


The package also comes with a tiny cable tidy tool that helps you organize the cables better. It has a very small footprint that fits in any workspace easily and the magnetic base adds both certain level of stability and good degree of flexibility.


There is no doubt on the high build quality and material used. The cable is strong in nature. The LED indicators works as described and accurately. This exclusive feature does help me out as I often forget switching on the the wall adapter.

Next up, we have some comments over the charging speed that the package did not tell.


We have briefly tested the cable with different power source and here are some findings to charge up 1% for some devices, with Wifi and Bluetooth enabled and connected network and Apple Watch nearby, with Background Auto-refresh, Power Saving Mode and GPS turned off. The below is for reference only and your mileage may vary but overall speaking, the charging speed is decent, yet reaching top of the line, but it is somehow faster than a 0.3mm 2.4A charging cable with similar price that should theoretically be the winner.

  • <2 minutes with 2.1A Power Bank on iPads with the screen off
  • < 4 minutes with 2.1A Power Bank for iPhone 6s Plus at 30% screen brightness
  • ~5 minutes with 2.4A Wall Adapter for iPhone 6s Plus at 50% screen brightness
  • ~7 minutes with 2.4A Power Bank for iPhone 6s Plus at 50% screen brightness

To conclude, Woodford Design’s Quickdraw 3.0 LED Lightning Charging Cable is a very decent choice if you are looking for alternatives or replacement for Apple’s bundled cables. It is functional and durable as advertised, and you are always covered by the lifetime warranty.

You can now get the Quickdraw 3.0 LEF Lightning Cable for only £10.85 each from Woodford Design and the deal is ending soon this week.

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