Best Replica Hermès Feu Epsom Leather Single Tour

In the past two years, we have reviewed a number of third-party Apple Watch bands and one of the most wanted and viewed posts is on Hermès knockoffs, including the Hermès Double Buckle Cuff and Hoco’s Double Tour and Cuff Bands. The reason is obvious that the price is far from affordable and third-party manufacturers, which is mostly located in China, can do a good job in making something really close and sell it at a fraction of cost comparing with the original genuine Hermès bands.

I recently came across an option for a low-cost 38mm Hermès Feu Epsom Leather Single Tour for around $59 on some Chinese online resellers. It is definitely a replica comes right from an aftermarket production lines which is very close to Apple as the band comes with the exact same material and design, and that Apple only has taken the 38mm option off from shelf for this color variant and made it only available for 42mm size for sale at $339 which is 5.7 times more expensive. In this post, we will take a look at this replica band and see if it worth the price.


The packaging is a surprise. The band is shipped with a very high quality watch box with a fluff surface, like what you should expect for a luxury watch case, and the band is secured by high quality rubber bands on both ends.


The quality is excellent and it feels good in hand. It is well manufactured for both the upper and inner layer leather, well stitched and the pattern looks genuine. The band smells naturally as well.

Unfortunately I was not able to get a side-by-side comparison as the band was not available for try-on in my local Apple Store. However, I did notice a few similarities and major variances that differ the knockoff band from the original one.


  1. The design, material and knurling looks identical, from both closer look and from a distance
  2. The replica is slightly darker and less vibrant in color especially on the knurling pattern for the Feu band on display but the different is really minimal. It may look a lot closer for midnight blue or black variants.
  3. No significant difference for stitching
  4. The threads used for stitching on the bands and free loops are not differentiable with bare eyes so it looks basically identical
  5. Very similar thickness and finishes on edges
  6. The buckle and adapters are high quality and basically identical to genuine
  7. Inner calf leather layer looks exactly the same except the engraving is more vague on the knockoff

Overall speaking, if you are looking for a really close replica for this specific premium Apple Watch band, this could be one of the best option for you at this moment. I did find a few links other than Taobao that appears to be offering similar band that you may be interested in ordering one at similar or even lower price than I mentioned earlier in this post.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of these sellers. I did not purchase from them but simply looked at the pictures and descriptions and found them to be very close from what I bought from Taobao. Any purchase will be at your own risk.


What is your take on this knockoff Hermès Single Tour Leather Band? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    YBAND on Amazon has blue and gold pin.


  2. Sebastien says:

    Hi Stepehn,

    Thanks a lot for your blog, your reviews and your beautiful pictures. It’s really helpful to make a choice among all the bands we can find on the web. I’m desperately trying to buy this Hermes Feu Epsom replica on Taobao, but since I can’t read chinese, I can’t go through all the steps to order… I don’t even know if this seller ships to France.

    Do you know a way to get this particular band, maybe somewhere else ? It seems very premium.

    Thanks again, and keep on collecting !


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Hi Sebastien, thanks for the compliment! I don’t think Taobao will ship to may try Aliexpess or Etsy. I think they ship worldwide


  3. MaLu says:

    Hey Stephen,

    thank you for that great review!

    I’m desperately searching for an exact replica of this orange Hermès band for the 38mm Apple Watch and I have to say, your band looks gorgeous.
    So I was thinking about throwing some caution into the wind and ordering it.
    However I wanted to ask, what colour did you buy: orange or orange-red.
    And also, do you think there will always be the Hermès logo on the buckle?

    I would really appreciate an answer and thanks again for that good work!


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Hi there, thanks for reading and leaving a comment! Yes my band is basically an exact replica of the hermes band (at least i don’t see too much difference apperantly). The one I ordered is orange, not orange-red. Not every seller can get the hermes logo on buckle. Most I think the bands just look the same but the buckle is blank. You may need to ask the seller about this before buying. Hope this helps 🙂


      1. MaLu says:

        Thanks again for the quick response!
        I presume that you don’t want to sell exactly that band, so that I can be sure to get an exact replica… 😉
        But I will try asking the seller whether they provide a band with the Hermès logo or not.


      2. Stephen Chan says:

        You are welcome. The reason why I did not share my link because it does not ship internationally but only within China. I did include a few links I found that should be offering the same thing but I haven’t tried any of those yet.


  4. mark says:


    You have a wonderful site that I go to frequently, thank you….. Do you know if anyone has an etoupe 42mm single tour of this same quality with the Herms buckle?? I am really looking hard for this… I have an agent that can but from taobao if needed. Any of your help would be great.


  5. SHAI says:

    What a wonderful blog, I thoroughly enjoy it.
    Can I please ask you what the length of the band is? Is it 195MM as the original?
    Or would it fit a bigger wrist


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Mine is 38mm version so it is shorter. May not be able to fit bigger wrist as there are not many adjustment holes


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