Hermès Double Buckle Cuff: Genuine vs Knockoff

Last year, we reviewed the knockoff Hermès bands from famous thrid-party manufacturer Hoco right after Apple released the genuine Hermès watch and bands.

A year later, along with the release of Apple Watch Series 2, Apple released a few new designs and colors for the Hermès Apple Watch Bands, including the Single Tour Deployment Buckle and the Double Buckle Cuff that could easily cost you hundreds dollors each.


There are third-party manufacturers such as Monowear and Mintapple offering Deployment bands, and a number of handcrafted options for Cuff bands available in the market with a much affordable yet mid-range price. However, if you are not cashing in that amount of money for any of those but still want to get similar look and feel to it, here is a very good deal that we want to talk about in this post on a knockoff Hermès Double Buckle Cuff with the same sandal design.

knockoff hermes double buckle cuff.JPG

The above image was taken by me, on a Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 2, with a non-branded knockoff Hermès Double Buckle Cuff costing me around US$13.

Simply looking at the front and back sides of the band, the replica band has done a great job for getting itself look really like what you see from Apple’s advertisements. But let me show you how it compares with the US$689 genuine Hermès cuff band below.

The color is way off from the geniune band on both the front and back sides. The knockoff band has an obvious darker brown color than the genuine Hermès band on the front but much lighter color for the inner calf leather.

The Hermès buckle has a better design and more polished than the knockoff band. However, the adapter is not band for the low cost option when putting them side-by-side.

Though the leather used is less premium, the stitching is not so bad for the knockoff band. It is quite well-manufacturered. Looking at the free loops, the genuine Hermès Double Buckle Cuff has more attention to details that adds lining along the the sides and the back stitching looks much nicer than the cheaper option. There is also engraving on the Hermès band stating the size and Country of Origin – France.

So that is a brief look at the comparing between geniune and knockoff Hermès Double Buckle Cuff bands. Despite the fact that the replica Hermès Double Buckle Cuff is not anywhere near the premium quality that Hermès can offer you with a price difference for more than US$600, what do you demand more from a $13 leather cuff that look so similar? Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments.

Headline images credits: Apple, International Business Times


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