5 Reasons to upgrade your Apple Watch

Today, I have just received my new Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 2 and put away my first generation Space Gray Apple Watch Sport.

My first impression was amazing on basically all the aspects not only because of the more premium model I picked, but the overall improvements internally and externally are something needed for 18 months.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

If you are still undecided, here are the 5 major reasons that I upgraded to the Apple Watch Series 2:

1. The new “lightning fast” dual-core processor and GPU 

The cold boot-up time is significantly faster; the syncing time is significantly reduced that makes the migration much less painful; the Watch apps loads up so much faster, around 50% reduction comparing with the first gen watch, even both watches are running the latest WatchOS 3.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 11.57.44 PM.png

The animation is much smoother thanks to the improved processing power. Finally, the Apple Watch catches up the speed I need that feels aligned with what I got on my iPhone.

2. Larger battery, better battery life

According to iFixit teardown, the 38mm Apple Watch Series 2 has a 273 mAh battery, an 33% improvement over the original Watch’s 205 mAh battery.

apple watch 2 battery.jpeg

Over the first day of usage, I do see a significant battery life improvement that the battery percentage drops much slower than my first gen watch. I can’t tell whether it will be less effective over time but the larger battery definitely contribute to a battery life worry-free for daily normal usage.

3. Ceramic back

back case.jpeg

This is the most underplayed improvement. If you are going for the new Series 2 Sport models, it is now getting a ceramic back which is stronger than the composite back of the OG model, and this is also on par with the material from the first-gen stainless steel and Edition models.

4. Brighter OLED screen for better visibility under sunlight 

apple-watch-series-2 screen bright.jpg

According to Apple, the Apple Watch Series 2 has a 2nd generation display, the brightest display Apple has ever shipped which is two times brighter than before. The screen is so much visible outdoors than the first-gen Apple Watch, especially when summer is yet over here and I often get sunshine and bright sky when I hang out in daytime.

5. Built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters


These two new features are made for sport lovers and most wanted features over the year that makes the Apple Watch be competitive with other fitness trackers in the market. The built-in GPS basically help runners to a greater extent that they can go without an iPhone in pocket or armband. Even though I don’t go into water, the water-resistant capability is welcomed to better cope with water splashes, accidents and occasionally go into shallow water.

Final words

If you are on a more budgeted side and don’t really care about the GPS and other subtle improvements, you may consider the Apple Watch Sport Series 1 with the new dual-core CPU that brings significant speed improvement over the first generation Apple Watches. If it is affordable for you, definitely go for better models, including the Series 2 and the Nike+ version, that are tagged with the same price as the first gen at launch to enjoy the latest and greatest Apple Watch that Apple has ever made.


Yes it is noticeably thicker and heavier to accommodate the water-resistant chassis and bigger battery. But the new features and improvements especially on the processing power and speed sides definitely make the upgrade worth the cash.

Hope the above can help you make a good decision for your new Apple Watch. Be sure to check out more Apple Watch related posts on the blog.

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