Review: Strapley’s Handmade Navy Undertone Leather Apple Watch Band

This is the Apple Watch band that I have been wearing now for quite a few weeks upon receiving it. This has been my number one go-to band that I carry with me to work, despite owning a number of leather Apple Watch bands already.

Thanks to the sponsor from Strapley, I am able to get a customized, hand-stitched, tailor-made genuine leather Apple Band with high level of style with it, rustic and elegant.

strapley apple watch band 01

The band comes with minimalistic yet elegant,well-cushioned package. The best thing I like about it is that the band is brand new, unlike some of those that I ordered before some other sellers that seems to be used or tested for couple times.

Being priced at $115, it is definitely not for those who look for a budgeted option. But you get what you paid for and worth the bucks. The watch band is completely handmade by Strapley’s own artisans in the United States. Every Strapley is crafted by hand with 100% full-grain leather sourced in the USA, and includes 2 Apple Watch strap adapters and matching buckle. You can choose from a variety of customization options for stitch colors, including white, red, orange, black, cream and navy, depending on which style you pick. For adapters, you can pick from silver, space gray and rose gold. Overall, there are dozens to choose from.

Speaking of design, the Navy Undertone that I picked looks sharp with the Space Gray aluminum case. I highly recommend you pick a darker color band and go with a lighter color stitch. This will definitely make the band more colorful and stand out.

In terms of quality, it is one of the best that I have ever owned and tried. The stitch is well done. The genuine leather is sourced from premium tanneriesis. It is quite tough at first use but gets better over time.

Another good thing I like is that the adapter Strapley uses has the closest color to the actual Space Gray of the Apple Watch. Check out the pictures in this post and compare with some other bands we reviewed and you will see the difference.

strapley apple watch band 24

Overall speaking, if you are to look for a rather special, handcrafted Apple Watch Band and have a bit more cash to splash, but not up to the price points of those offered by Apple, Strapley Apple Watch bands is a really good option. The band is made of high quality leather, durable and is comfortable to wear. The design is fashionable that fits both casual and business occasions. Highly recommend you to head over to Strapley now to check out for more great customized Apple Watch Bands. Be sure to check out more Apple Watch band reviews on my blog and more cool pictures on our official Instagram account.

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