The Best Portable Power Bank for Pokémon GO Addicts

Undoubtedly, the Pokémon GO fever has yet been over. Players across the global went crazy about this awesome game since July that integrates elements of Augmented Reality, social network, RPG, Location-based Service (LBS), O2O and Tamagochi and that creates multi-dimension experience and community connections. Noticeably, it has recently surpassed 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store and has been on the list of Top Free Games on iOS App Store since launched for weeks.


Despite of high level of in-game enjoyment, one of the major challenges for players, other than in-game bugs and glitches, goes to power consumption on phones or tablets due to long Screen-On Time, cellular or Wifi data connection, and GPS signal required to pull users’ current location. It is seen that players are frustrated by low power alert or even outage when catching a rare Pokémon, especially when catching one gets harder and Battery Saver option was killed which just made its comeback last week.

ThinCharge iPhone 6 Batter Case 1

This created a spike in demand and sales of power banks and battery cases that help players to stay online for an entire day out hunting for Pokémons. Earlier this year, we introduced to you ThinCharge, the World’s thinnest battery case for iPhone 6 and 6s from ChargeTech and a practical and well-designed one with 2,600 mAh. But if you are a hardcore player with someone go hunting with you like I am, you will definitely need a hardcore, ultimate power solution. Here comes the ChargeTech’s 27,000mAh Portable Power Outlet, the world’s smallest Portable Power Outlet.

ChargeTech Power Outlet 15

Features and specifications

Thanks to ChargeTech, we are honored to be sponsored with Portable Power Outlet (PPO) with the new and improved design, Matte Black finish, fingerprint proof, scratch resistant, Oleophobic Coating (water and oil repellent), insulated interior allowing the device stays cooler during use, and improved circuitry for more efficient power conversion.

ChargeTech Power Outlet 06

Here are some major features and technical specifications:

  • 27,000mAh premium Panasonic lithium-ion batteries
  • AC, DC, USB Power Output with maximum Efficiency at 85%
  • Automatic shutdown at overheat and electric
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • Weight and Dimensions: 25 Ounces; 5.25″ x 7.5″ x 1″
  • Power anything charged by USB or standard wall plug using 90 watts or less

What’s inside the box

The big and nice-looking package comes with exactly what you need to get things done with the power outlet:

ChargeTech Power Outlet 04

  • ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet (PPO) Battery Pack
  • Charging Adapter
  • Carrying Bag
  • User Manual

The design 

The new iteration of ChargeTech’s Portable Power Outlet comes with a very cool matte finish with fingerprint, scratch, water and oil resistance. Every surface sides are well-polished. On the front, you can find the Battery Capacity LED Indicators and Check on/off button above the ChargeTech logo at a new position than first generation. On the right, there is a DC port that you need to use to recharge the PPO. The meat and potato are at the bottom. There you have the AC outlet you can charge laptops, AC switch, AC indicator, and 2 USB output ports at 5V / 2.4A that offers much more speedy charge to your phones if you have a cable capable for getting the current through.

The size could be an issue for someone who do not want to use a bulky powerful battery pack. I personally own a number of power banks. The capacity I need grows as time goes. I picked up two of them, 13,000 mAh and 9,000 mAh respectively, for a quick comparison as they basically add up to similar capacity as the PPO and both offers dual USB output ports. The result is obvious that the PPO is considerably bigger than the two battery backs stacked up together. If size of battery pack is something you really care, PPO may not be the one on your list. However, if you are looking for an one-off solution, I cannot find anything better than ChargeTech could offer at the moment.

ChargeTech Power Outlet 12

How it works

If you are to charge a laptop or any electronic devices that requires a wall plug, you can use the AC power outlet. Simply turn the AC power switch to ON position, press and hold the power indicator button, then the AC Outlet will automatically output voltage while you plug-in your device. The AC output will automatically power off if no device is detected after 90 seconds.

ChargeTech Power Outlet 20

Holding down the power indicator button for 3 seconds will power on and off the Portable Power Outlet for the USB output. The USB output will automatically power off after approximately 90 seconds if no device is detected. To maximize the amount of power delivered to the USB ports, turn the AC power switch to the OFF position.

ChargeTech Power Outlet 10

My charging experience

Having gone for two full day for Pokémon GO, I have basically tested out the portability and how well the ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet could perform.

I was able to find indoor locations with seats and drinks while having two or three PokéShops around with Lure in operation. There I could basically sit down with comfort, put the PPO on the tea-table and plug-in my iPhone with Pokémon GO running. And there I can be more focused on the battery level in-game.

ChargeTech Power Outlet 22

So in terms of power output performance, it was amazingly done. I started using a High MFi Lightning Cable from XPower capable for 2.4A High Speed Charging. I was able to get my iPhone 6s Plus charged for 17% in 30 minutes (when the Incense and Lucky Egg expired) with screen brightness at around 60% and Low Power Mode turned on, and I did not stop flipping the PokéStops and catching Pokémons around the place.

Another test that I have done was to charge up my secondary iPhone 6 with the normal Apple Lightning Cable from 20% to more than 30% for minimal use of web browsing and Facebook checking. This is definitely not a bad result.


ChargeTech’s Portable Power Outlet is now available for $185. It is a little bit pricy, bulky, and as heavy as 700 grams. It is definitely not a perfect choice for everyone. But if you are seriously an addict of Pokémon GO and you want the maximum power solution that keeps you and your companion up together hunting out all day long, with the bonus of being capable to charge your laptops or Macbooks, it will be worthy investment. As featured on CNET and NBC News as the best battery pack of 2016, you can’t really go wrong with what you shall pay for.

ChargeTech Power Outlet 18

Let me know what you think in the comments. You can also share what battery pack you are currently using and why it is good for you.





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