Review: Black Forest Atelier Limited Edition Sterling Silver Pendant 2-piece Band and Handmade Leather Cuff Apple Watch Band

About a year ago, shortly after the Apple Watch launched, we have reviewed a tremendous amount of Apple Watch bands and featured five different high quality handmade leather Apple Watch bands from Black Forest Atelier, and I personally still use them from time to time if any of them matches with my mood or outlook for the day.

Black Forest Sterling Silver 22.JPG

Today, we are going to take a look at two more amazing bands from Black Forest Atelier, namely Limited Edition Bullets and Skull Sterling Silver 925 Pendant 2-piece watch strap and Handmade Leather Cuff Band C3 – Military Army Style, with loads of high quality, high-resolution photos that help tell a much better story.

Handmade Leather Cuff Band C3 Military Army Style – USD 89.90

Black Forest Leather Cuff C3 11.jpg

This band has quickly become my daily driver for business attire as the design is a perfect match with suit and tie. Needless to say, the two think layers of high quality genuine leather are stitched together with golden color threads making it an eye-candy accessory to go with as well as adding security and durability to the band structure itself.

Black Forest Leather Cuff C3 10

The best thing, in addition to the superior quality of the watch band itself, is that you can also get it for 38mm size Apple Watch without paying a premium to Apple for the Hermès Cuff bands. And as usual, Black Forest Atelier offers maximum flexibility that allows users to customize with band length and hardware color so make the band truly belong to the Apple Watch on your wrist.

Black Forest Leather Cuff C3 09

Of course we have talked about a budgeted option from Hoco, but it is nowhere near this one we are reviewing from Black Forest Atelier. It is more comfortable to wear and looks much better in terms of leather color and band design itself.

If you have a few more bucks to spare for a good quality cuff band for your Apple Watch, this should be the one added into your shopping cart for checkout.

Limited Edition Bullets and Skull Sterling Silver 925 Pendant – USD 249.82

Black Forest Sterling Silver 15

This two-piece Apple Watch band is definitely a break-through and creative design for the Apple Watch after-market that offers customers with really unique style and standalone character. It is composed with handcrafted vintage scratched leather and high-quality sterling silver pendant with really some weight there.

Black Forest Sterling Silver 21

There are quite a number of options for the band with the pendant with different textures and designs including Samurai Bronze, Sakura Silver and Fleur De Lis which both look super cool with a relatively lower price tag. However, the leather bands are more or less the same which is more on a rough and vintage style.

Black Forest Sterling Silver 14

The cool thing about this band is again you can request Pionier 1956 to craft the pendant and the band with the size fit for your wrist. The review unit that I received is a perfect fit on my 155mm wrist, with some buffer allowed if I would gain some weight.

Overall speaking, this two-piece design is very special in the market and if you are looking for something that stands now, this is a very decent option, provided that you have some cash to splash.

Black Forest Sterling Silver 20

Some of the bands are on sale now with quite a good discount off from original price so be sure to check out both Black Forest Atelier and their spin-off Etsy shop Pionier 1956. There are more cool and stylish handmade leather bands to browse and choose from if you are interested. And we also had quite a few other Apple Watch band reviews here in this blog and more pictures on our official Instagram account.

Let us know what you think about the two bands we introduced today in the comment section.

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