Hands-on with WRBLS Apple Watch Sport Band

A few months ago, we introduced to you stylish Apple Watch Sport Bands from WRBLS International that brings cool and colorful options to your Sport Band collections. The campaign has been successfully funded and thanks to the sponsor from WRBLS for making this review happen and let’s take a look if you haven’t received your Kickstarter bands already.

WRBLS AW Sport Band 13

WRBLS offers abundance of choices of stylish Sport bands for your Apple Watch, including Business Casual, Sporty and Urban Stylers, ranging from sharp and colorful patterns to more low profile professional designs for customers to choose from. In this review, we will look at Christy (€46) from the Urban Styler collection.

WRBLS AW Sport Band 11

As you might have expected from a silicon band, it is durable and water-proof which is a perfect option for workouts, beach trips or day-t0-day hangouts. The sharp and colorful pattern of the Christy band here with me looks cool, sporty and more importantly, matches with the hot summer time here. There is no doubt about how cool it looks on your wrist design-wise.

WRBLS AW Sport Band 10

In terms of quality, I have not experienced any washout of colors as I sweat quite a lot after workout. In terms of texture, maybe it is an early review sample, it is slightly rough on the edge. The surface is less polished than those from Apple but yet comfortable to wear. So in summary:


  • Morecompetitive price against Sport Bands from Apple
  • Variety of choices
  • Stylish and colorful designs
  • Compatible with all Apple Watch sizes


  • Less smooth surface versus Apple bands
  • Logo at the edge of longer-side band that may not please everyone

Overall speaking, if you are looking for less boring Sport Band for your Apple Watch with a budget, WRBLS is a decent choice and certainly there is at least one design for you. You can order all the styles watch bands wth both 38mm and 42mm sizes from WRBLS Shop for €39 to €46. For more promotional details, you can always check our previous post. And be sure to follow us for more cool Apple Watch Bands or accessories reviews.

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