Pangu: No plan to release iOS 10 jailbreak yet

Earlier today, Chinese tech site posted an article, captioned “Pangu’s elegant ambition”, with exclusive interview with core member of Pangu jailbreak team, a.k.a. OGC557. There are quite a number of areas that the reporter asked him on but most of us are more concerned on their iOS 10 jailbreak that they showed off at the end of their show in MOSEC last week.


Here is a quick recap on jailbreak-related questions and answers of the interview that you may need to know for those who have little time to go through the complete post:

  1. Why Pangu showed jailbreak for iOS 10 beta instead of iOS 9.3.3?
    It is a temporary decision that the team was able to find new vulnerability to achieve a jailbreak despite the fact that Apple patched a few vulnerabilities in iOS 10 that broke the iOS 9.3.3. More importantly, they aim at telling the community that they are still working on this aspect.
  2. How difficult is iOS 10 jailbreak?
    Italian hacker Luca Todesco’s iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak has been patched in iOS 10. We haven’t heard anything about a breakthrough on iOS 10 then but we did it and don’t feel so difficult in this sense.
  3. Any plan to release iOS 10 jailbreak tool?
    No plan and no pressure at the moment to release the tool as some vulnerabilities has good value on user protection in addition to a jailbreak. Releasing a jailbreak tool means Apple will know what they use and may also inspire other hackers to find other valuable vulnerabilities.
  4. Who else is capable to make a jailbreak?
    Luca Todesco who has been doing security researches and released Yalu jailbreak and KeenLab (Tecent’s subordinate) that researches on iOS and macOS
  5. Who are the “secret guests”?
    The Isarel team who helped FBI to unlock terrorist’s iPhone 5c as well as a team from Apple Inc.
  6. Apple team’s reaction when they see the iOS 10 jailbreak?
  7. How many people in Pangu jailbreak team and how to share the work?
    6 people in the team, responsible for looking for vulnerabilities, testing, tweaking, etc
  8. Any unforgettable jailbreak stories?
    Last year we worked overnight for two weeks to release iOS 8.4 jailbreak but TaiG got ahead by 2 days. We could not release ours for not wasting vulnerabilities but still worked on checking if there was any that they both used and unused that they can use in future iOS jailbreaks.
  9. How many vulnerabilities on hand?
    We have quite a number of them as reserve and sufficient to make another jailbreak even if Apple patched our current one.
  10. What else is Pangu researching on?
    An “iOS device security detection system” that is used to detect any malicious software running and targeted for enterprise and government agencies.

What do you think about the answers from Pangu? Let me know in the comments.

Source and image credit: Leiphone

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