First impression on macOS Sierra

Followed by the post about my top 5 favorite features in iOS 10, I am sharing with you today my love and hate on the new features of the rebranded macOS Sierra on my Macbook Pro.

Storage Optimization with iCloud

I have been using CleanMyMac regularly but still I am running out of space on my 1-year-old Macbook SSD with 256GB storage recently. After turning the feature on, it helped me to save around 50 GB of storage space from my hard drive, which is pretty impressive.

macos icloud optimize storage

It keeps syncing changes to iCloud instantly in background when you add files to your Documents folder or Desktop. But I do wish I can schedule the backup for Desktop and Documents instead of real-time which definitely drains up resources and slows down the machine and network performance especially when not using top-of-the-line Mac machines.

One more thing, for Virtual Machine users, beware that your VM image file is located in Documents by default and the file size could be gigantic that makes the iCloud backup and syncing process take forever to finish. If you encountered this, stop the syncing by moving the root file to a location other than Desktop and Documents and remap it from Virtual Machine settings.

Universal Clipboard

After many times of trial, I still couldn’t get this nice feature working. However, undoubtedly if you work across multiple devices, referencing different sources that may not be available in such a handy way, say saving pictures on iOS devices. It is no longer for me to put everything into the Notes App and wait for iCloud to sync over to my Mac, for instance.

Picture in Picture 

macos picture in picture .jpg

It’s been a while that the newer iPads supports Picture in Picture mode both natively or with third-party videos and YouTube apps. It is exciting that Apple brings to macOS. Some video services like Vimeo is supported but not yet for YouTube. I love watching YouTube videos when working on emails or other editorial work and I cannot enjoy this great feature on Mac at the moment.

Tabs in Apps

The Safari Tab feature has finally comes to other Mac Apps, “natively”, said Apple in WWDC but seems it is very limited at the moment with Mac Apps offered by Apple but not many third-party apps. To me there is not much use for now as I use Microsoft Office Suite instead of iWorks that isn’t supported yet.

macos tabs for apps.jpg

I do hope Microsoft updates to make the Office Apps compatible with this feature as either switching between Word/Excel/PowerPoint from the dock or laying out numerous windows on a 13″ Non-Retina screen has been really painful.


siri on macos.jpg

As a long-term non-Siri user, I couldn’t find it very useful Siri on Mac just like Cortana on Windows. I just don’t use it. Because I am already on a Mac, I have Mouse and Keyboard, I am working on something. There is no significant reason for me to use Siri for saving me a few seconds to search something over Google or schedule a meeting on my calendar.

But one good feature is that you can now pin the Siri search result right onto the redesigned Notification Center if you want to keep the result for later use.

macos ping siri result in notification center

App compatibility and random crashes

This is always the biggest issue with new macOS releases and most of my daily apps stopped working or crashing in an insane manner.

vmware fusion on macos sierra.jpg

So far I tested out some important apps that I use everyday. Glad that VMware Fusion is working perfectly for me so I can continue managing my remote workstation there, and reserving a potential to run a jailbreak program (if it drops anytime in near future). Fantastical 2, Carrot Weather, Copied are good, no crash.

macos app incompatible.jpg

There are a few not working on this new macOS: Bartender 2Tweetbot, and partially working f.lux that messes up the Dark Status Bar upon rebooting. Chrome is very slow  and laggy as well. Certainly the developers are working on fix probably until the beta is more stabilized itself.

Slow browser and network performance

There are some community reports that users are experiencing very slow Safari and Wifi performances and I am one of them. Resetting Wifi and disabling Safari extensions have basically solve the issue of major lag and slow down but yet it has its own downside that you may put some useful extensions such as 1Password on hold until Apple fixes this system-wide bug in future betas.


Overall speaking, I will say a no-go if you haven’t enrolled into the macOS Sierra beta. This is the first beta with considerable amount of overhaul and new features. It is still unstable. But if you are feeling adventurous, make sure you backup into Time Machine before opting in.

How’s your experience with macOS Sierra beta 1? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Lewis Dean says:

    Thanks for sharing, will wait until a further more stable update comes out.

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