My favorite iOS 10 features

It was my first time to stay up late to watch Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) live stream over the midnight. Unregrettably, it comes with loads of goodies and surprise, purely on the software side though, yet more than sufficient to get people excited about.

ios 10

The massive update on iOS to the 10th generation brings an incredible amount of new features, tweaks, improvements over the about-to-be-aged iOS 9 mobile operating system. I couldn’t wait to install iOS 10 onto my test device, an iPad Air 2, to enjoy the first bite of the fresh experience. Here are five features that I liked the most after having hands on usage for a few hours.

Uninstalling Stock iOS Apps

This is the most wanted and anticipated feature that should have come way long time ago. In iOS 10, you can remove most of the stock iOS apps that you don’t need, such as Tips, Podcasts, iBooks, Find My Friends, even Calendar, Mail and Maps if you have better third-party alternatives.


According to Craig Federighi on John Cruber’s Talk Show today, when you remove the stock Apps, the icon, user data and system hooks are removed, but not binary. Therefore it actually restores the app itself rather than re-downloading onto your device. More importantly, these apps have not been moved to the Apps Store and hence could not be updated, unlike what you get on Android for the GApps.

Redesigned Lockscreen, Notifications, Today’s Widget and Control Center

ios 10 widget lockscreen

There is a massive major overhaul in terms of user interface to enhance user experience and interaction with various parts in iOS 10. Top features being highlighted in the keynote presentation are related to separating Notification Center and Today’s View,  swipe to access Widgets and Camera from lockscreen, redesigned interactive Widgets, Control Center with revamped UI and colorful toggle buttons, as well as Rich Notifications.


Despite the fact that the animation is a bit laggy at this stage, the beautified UI has enhanced user experience to a certain extent and Apple will eventually fix the lag as it has been well-known and widely reported.

ios 10 notifications

For notifications, it is now more focused with one single page pull-down from the top edge of the screen when you are on the homepage, same as on the Apple Watch, to deal with the notifications. However, you can still view your widgets within the app by swiping right from Notification Center. You can also clear all notifications in one single tab like in Android for years! What’s more, with 3D Touch enabled devices you will be able to go further with interacting with Rich Notifications and the bottom shortcuts in the Control Center in the current beta as showcased in WWDC. Non-3D Touch support device users will have to wait for future beta versions.

Safari Split View on iPads

Needless to say, the implementation of Split View in iOS 9 on newer generation iPad devices is a great feature to bring iPad usage as productivity tool to the next level, but lacking this for a dual brower window support.

ios 10 ipad safari split view

Now you no long require third-party extentions or a jailbreak tweak to achieve this. iOS 10 brings native support of Split View features to Safari which should have been done a long time ago. This is exceptionally useful for bloggers or writers for referencing on their iPad while typing on Mac.

Close All Tabs in Safari

Another most wanted but long-awaited feature for Safari that in iOS 10, you can tap and hold on the Safari Tab Icon on the top right hand corner, you can close all the Safari tabs you opened in one fell swoop. Super handy.

ios 10 close all safari tabs

New Launching Animations

This is actually not a feature but a bonus for iOS 10. The launching animations for Apps, Folders, Notification Center, Control Center, etc are getting more bouncing. One thing that I noticed is that opening up folders no longer zoom in the background, which really creates less dizziness than on iOS 9 or before. The amazing background blur is actually new and looks really cool as well.


Some haters to animations may think this creates additional second to load things up. But hey, this is an eye candy that many others would appreciate, including myself.

Certainly there are a lot more new features in iOS 10 on iMessage, Siri, Phone, Maps, Dark Mode and Wake Alarm in Clock App…that I personally find it less useful with insufficient usage on these. But they are nice to have and worth trying out as well.

ios 10 maps.jpg

Have you tried out iOS 10 beta 1 yet? What’s your favorite part? Let me know what you think about this major release in the comments!

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