iPhone 7 Rose Gold back panel leaked; report claims same price for base model

Followed by a number of leaks of iPhone 7 back casing with Silver Color option, today we finally see a leak for the Rose Gold model, from a user on Chinese Social Media Sina Weibo.

The above leak echos with previous leaks of schematics and photos with a single-lens camera setup, along-the-edge antenna lines and no Smart Connectors.
Additionally, followed by recent analyst report suggesting that Apple will ditch 16GB iPhones and that iPhone 7 will start at 32GB storage option as base model, according to a report from China, the 4.7″ iPhone 7 32GB base model will remain at the same price as the current iPhone 6S with 16GB flash storage. The article suggests that paying $100 premium will either get you to a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus with 5.5″ display or 128GB storage, and another tier will go up to 128GB storage. In a nutshell, the price tier mechanism follows the same pattern as the current iPhone 6S and 6S Plus line-ups.

Interestingly, the article also suggests that Apple will release iPhone 7 Pro with 5.7″ display, dual-lens camera, A10X processor and Fast-charging capability. The price premium for iPhone 7 Pro base model will be approximately $250.

Stay tuned for more iPhone 7 leaks and rumors and let me know what you think in the comments.

Source: IT Home


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