This week’s iPhone 7 roundup: dual camera confirmed, 256GB option, purple chassis, quad speaker

Last week has been a great week about iPhone 7 leaks and rumors from creditable sources.

Famous leak from Chinese social media Weibo user showed off a series of photos of purported iPhone 7 dual-lens camera modules alongside with flash storage chips.

According to the leaker, the camera lens module is slightly thicker than that of the iPhone 6S Plus.

But the more interesting part is about storage options. Based on the leak, there will be 16GB/64GB/256GB storage options which aligns with Apple’s iPad Pro line up, though the 16GB option without expandable capability is still bugging most potential buyers who don’t want to cash in $100 more for another tier of storage upgrade.

Another interesting leak from China is a purported purple chassis for iPhone 7. According to the report from IT Home, Italian iPhone case maker High Classic had leaked this chassis by accident in their latest advertisement showing off their new iPhone case.

Based the video screenshots, there will be a single camera lens with alleged laser focusing and True Tone flash below, no 3.5mm headphone jack replaced with quad audio speaker ports similar to the iPad Pro devices, and of course a possible purple color option that had been rumored in China for quite some time already.

Most design elements contradicted with previous widely-reported schematics leaks but somewhat concurred that the lower end iPhone 7 does not equip with Smart Connector functionality like the iPhone Pro or Plus model will possibly come with.

Later leak of the back side of alleged iPhone 7 (on the left hand side) basically confirmed the above leaks.


What do you think about the latest leaks? Let me know in the comments.

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