Review: Mintapple Limited Edition Genuine Crocodile Leather Apple Watch Strap

Earlier this month, we reviewed the Mintapple Space Grey Milanese Loop. The feedback is surprisingly controversal on design, quality and price. Today we look at Mintapple’s Genuine Exotic flagship line-up: the limited edition Genuine Crocodile Leather Apple Watch Strap.

Mintapple Milanese Loop and Genuine Crocodile Apple Watch Straps 2


The crocodile skin was manufactured, soaked and stained produce a comfortable feel and a unique color to the strap. The Genuine Exotics collection is unique due to the nature of the material used. They are customized that you may often see ones available with the exception to the “Sold Out” straps.


The Genuine Exotic band does not come with a more premium packaging but the same as the Milanese Loop. With high quality foam surrounding the tray offers great protection to the band along the transportations.



My first impression to the Genuine Crocodile Leather Apple Watch Strap is that the leather  skins used on both sides of the band are of very premium feel. Unlike what Apple could offer with machine-manufactured perfection and homogeneity, this band looks special and standing out. Despite the fact that the band is a little bit rigid at early stage, after a couple weeks’ usage, it is getting much softer and more comfortable to wear. Surprisingly, it does not look as bulky as I expected even though I have a relatively small wrist.

Mintapple offers the Genuine Exotic and other collections Apple Watch Band with both shiny silver, polished darker black or even yellow and rose gold color options to match the stainless steel or aluminium hardware of any Apple Watch models.

The one we received is for Black or Space Grey model. The adapters are well-polished creating no friction sliding into your Apple Watch. The single-fold deployment clasp comes with a glossy that could fit better with the stainless steel Apple Watch.

Compared to Apple’s Classic Buckle or Modern Buckle Bands, Mintapple’s Exotic Genuine feels much stiffer before getting worn into the shape of your wrist. It is initially more difficult to put on and remove, and the clasp is quite tight that you may need to exert more force to open it. It gets much better now after 2 weeks of daily usage. There is no issue with hair tugging hair or skin irritating issues so far but I personally do not recommend a frequent usage generally for a leather band if you tend to sweat a lot in summer time.

Summarizing the good and bad of the band,


  • High quality genuine crocodile and calf leathers
  • Solid build quality
  • Good color coating to match Apple Watch casing
  • Uniqueness for color and material


  • Relative steep price tag
  • May be too bulky for some people
  • The clasp is too tight at first use and requires extra effort or small tool to open the clasp to adjust length
  • Mintapple engraving on buckle that not all will like


The Mintapple Genuine Crocodile Leather Apple Watch Strap is extremely premium and certainly comparable with other brands such as MeridioBianca Mosca or on Etsy. It is unique, tough and very comfortable to wear with the calf leather backing.

Honestly, this is one of the best leather bands I have ever tried. I have been wearing my Apple Watch with the band for two weeks already and the leather is getting softer than day 1, which fake leathers cannot replicate. But I highly recommend you go through their Custom Shop if you have a small wrist as the band could be a bit too long for you.

Most Genuine Exotics bands are sold out at the moment but you can get those in stock for £169.99. The price could be a bit aggressive but you get what you paid for. But for sure it could be a better deal when it comes with discount occasionally.

Find out more nice options of Apple Watch bands from Mintapple and let me know what you think about Mintapple Genuine Crocodile Leather Apple Watch Strap down below. Be sure to check out more Apple Watch Band reviews here.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jerry says:

    MintApple was quick to respond to me after my purchase thanking me for the purchase… That’s where it all stopped. The watchband gold color is nowhere near the Apple gold color.

    I complained and was ignored after repeated attempts responding to their email address. I would NEVER purchase from this company again. Their customer service is non-existant!


  2. Jay Gee says:

    Well said Jerry. Looking online for reviews of mintapple from customers I have, so far, failed to find any customer with anything good to say about them (matches my personal experience of poor quality and appalling service and attitude)… Rather says a lot and may be something any potential customers wish to consider before deciding whether to spend any of their hard earned money with them


  3. Jay Gee says:

    P.s. Try Nomad instead. They once sold me a faulty strap, it failed, my watch broke, and they had no hesitation at all in buying me a brand new watch. Couldn’t be more different frankly…


  4. Jay Gee says:

    Good luck mintapple, based on what your customers think of you, you will need it 😉


  5. Jay Gee says:

    I finally got my issue resolved after using the money claims court process (oft referred to as the small claims court). Also had a number of rather insulting emails from the company CEO/MD where he made a number of rude comments and demonstrated that he was either bare faced lying or has a totally inefficient email system as claimed to show email delivery and read receipts for emails I had never received (and interestingly my system is set to not send read acknowledgements!). Just about the most disgraceful company I have ever done business with – and would advise any other dissatisfied customers to use the same route. It’s an online form that is exceptionally easy to complete and submit.


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