Latest iPhone 7 leak shows “Pro” engraving, but no dual camera and Smart Connector

Followed by the sketch and image leaks of iPhone 7 days ago, today an alleged photo of iPhone 7 Pro (or iPhone Pro) was spotted on Chinese social media Weibo as shown below. This is the first leak that we see so far specifically for this model in yellow gold color.

The most interesting part is the “Pro” logo engraved near the “iPhone” marking (as highlighted below). The antenna design aligned with previous leaks that goes around the edge of the phone. However, the Smart Connector port is not found near the bottom of the phone. There is no dual camera lens but a single one protruding similar to current iPhone 6 series, which contradicts with many reports earlier for this high-end iPhone model. Also, we are not able to see the bottom part to verify if the 3.5mm headphone jack is still available.

Further, there are a couple of images below with possible iPhone 7 with the design we have been familiar with all the previous leaks.

From the below, we are still able to find the Smart Connector ports and no headphone jack available.

What do you think of these new leaks? Let me know in the comments.

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