Review: Mintapple Space Grey Milanese Loop

Looking for quality Apple Watch bands that stand out from the crowd is a never-ending task. We have covered quite a number of Apple Watch bands, both premium and budgeted, since day 1 that the Apple Watch has shipped. It is never too many to add to my collection despite the fact that I have owned over 30 of them. In this review, we are going to look at two flagship line-ups from Mintapple, that offers variety of high quality leather and metal Apple Watch bands.

Followed by the new line ups of Apple’s genuine Apple Watches and Bands and also a new Space Black Milanese Loop for £179, third-party manufacturers have even taken a step forward to fill up the color option gap with a much affordable price point. Mintapple, based in the United Kingdom, is one of the best and leader in the market.

Today, we are going to take a look at their newly released Space Grey Milanese Loop which is specifically built for the Apple Watch Sport with Space Grey Aluminium Case which has a bigger community of users.

Mintapple Milanese Loop 1

  • Built from 316L Stainless Steel
  • Extra strong hold magnetic fastener
  • Matches Apple Watch in Space Grey
  • Wrist size for 38mm: 155mm-250mm; 42mm: 170mm-275mm


The band is well-seated in the Mintapple Apple Watch Strap standard packaging with high quality foam that protects the Milanese Loop perfectly. No surprise, no redundancy.

Design and quality

There is nothing really special that you should expect from a Milanese Loop replica. It is more close to the design from Apple than that of the Black Mesh band from Monowear.

The adapter has a minimal lighter color difference than that of the band and the Space Grey. The matte finish of it also matches the case and helps slide in smoothly. I would say this is the best I have ever seen and tried.

The mesh is smooth, soft and very comfortable to wear. The material used is strong and durable. The coating is well-done and uneasy to get scratched out. The magnet is strong to hold the band in shape and prevents the band from loosing on your moving wrist.

Comparing with Apple’s Milanese Loop

Let us compare the Milanese Loop from Apple and Mintapple side by side.

Looking from a distance, expect the fact that Mintapple is about 7-8mm longer than that of Apple’s, it is very difficult to spot any difference in terms of design. However, the textures are quite different. Apple’s Milanese Loop is more polished and the one from Mintapple is polished and smooth but more of a Matte finish.

Apple vs Mintapple Milanese Loop 3

Looking the bands’ texture under 15x Macro lens, it is appearant that Apple’s Milanese loop is woven more closely but you can see more obvious space between the mesh patterns, which could attract small particles or dust more easily. However, after a few days of usage, Mintapple Milanese Loop is far much less likely to pull up hair than the one from Apple which I often encounter.

Apple vs Mintapple Milanese Loop 1

From a side view, it is more obvious to spot the difference of the woven mesh pattern. We can see the mesh is more closely woven together from Apple. But again, you can’t really spot the difference at normal daily usage.

The two bands shared the same thickness but noticably the one from Mintapple is less heavy than that of the Apple band due to more loose mesh design.

Apple vs Mintapple Milanese Loop 2

Final thoughts

Overall speaking, the Milanese Loop from Mintapple is a very high quality third-party option for about half of Apple’s price. More importantly, it is able to match the color of the Space Grey Apple Watch Sport that Apple’s option may not be a perfect match. It is as comfortable to wear as the one from Apple. The magnetic closure is stronger than that from Apple that it is less often for me to adjust the strap throughout the day of use.

Mintapple Milanese Loop Magnetic Band – Space Grey  is in stock for £99.99. There are also Yello Gold and Rose Gold variants with the same price tag that fit different case colors of Apple Watch Sport models.

Let me know what you think about this Space Grey Milanese Loop from Mintapple in the comments. Stay tuned with us for an upcoming review on their premium Genuine Exotic Crocodile Leather band very soon.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    I bought a strap from this store. It’s not that nice at all. Doesn’t worth the $100+. The owner is super rude and unprofessional either. Won’t recommend


  2. Jay Gee says:

    Well said anonymous. Looking online for reviews of mintapple from customers I have, so far, failed to find any customer with anything good to say about them (matches my personal experience of poor quality and appalling service and attitude)… Rather says a lot and may be something any potential customers wish to consider before deciding whether to spend any of their hard earned money with them


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