Declutter your charging experience with Zentree

Zentree from Gelid Solutions is a newly released multi-USB charging dock capable to support up to 4 different gadgets including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Android Smartphones and Smartwatches. The dock provides universal support to all kinds of electronics devices that charges through USB cables and more importantly, an excellent cable management solution to declutter your standalone charging experiences on your desks.

What’s inside

The package comes with Zentree with two assembly parts, 4 MicroUSB 2.0 charging cables, 1 power cord, 2 cable holders and a quick start user guide.

Gelid USB Charging Dock 2

Abot the Zentree Dock

The designg of Zentree is a 3-dimentional tree array that allows extremely flexible placement of devices needed to be charged up. The top cover for array is made of a soft silicone rubber cover that prevents your devices from both scratching and slipping off. The core Smart Integrated Circuit system, that supports four 2.4A output USB ports, auto-negotiates the best output charging power for different devices to ensure true safe multi-device charging.

You may wish to check out the unboxing and setup video below for better understanding on how it works:


Zentree is the gadget that I have been wishing to get for long so that I can give away or trash my standalone charging docks for iPhones and iPads. More importantly, it is no longer for more to put everything on the desk causing a big mess to tidy up with the docks, devices and cables. This solution really decluttered my home working environment with a fairly easy setup.

Gelid USB Charging Dock

You can click here to learn more about Zentree and you can order it from Amazon as soon as the stock is replenished. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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