Experience Samsung Galaxy Edge Screen function on iPhone (Jailbreak required)

Today, CP Digital Darkroom released a new jailbreak tweak called Edge that allows you to get the curved screen function that is exclusive in the Samsung Galaxy Edge phones.

You can start using the function right after installing the tweak. You can swipe over the the right edge of the screen to invoke the Edge interface, including App Edge, People Edge and Task Edge.

To edit the placeholders to what you know, simply tap and hold on the place to invoke the UI to select apps or tasks, or the contacts you want to add. To remove any apps or contacts, tap and hold again and then tap on the red delete badge.  


In the Settings panel, you can find the kill switch. In Configuration, you can edit or remove the Edge pages, change activation area, toggle to hide Placeholder Area and Multicolored People Icons. They are very intuitive that don’t need to much of explanations.

There are a couple major bugs that I encountered so far:

  • The edge may disable after repeative usage occasionally and need to respring to make it work again
  • In the settings panel, the toggles may not work 100% of the time and respring required

You can find Edge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99z

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