Unboxing and Review: GateKeeper Wireless Computer Lock 2.0

Last year, we reviewed the first generation GateKeeper Wireless Computer Lock and it so far has been delivering great value and security to my personal MacBook when I bring it along with me to office and especially other business occasions. Check out the full review post for GateKeeper 1.0 all the details including the unboxing process and briefly how it works for GateKeeper that we will not repeat in this review.


Shortly after our first review, Untethered Labs announced GateKeeper 2.0, that comes with a ultra-small USB Lock and a 20% thinner Key with a soft touch finish. The new Key packs in extra sensors for more accurate ranging. In addition, a dual color LED indicates various operating modes including low battery status. More importantly, we promised you to review GateKeeper 2.0 as soon as it arrives and now we have recently received the review unit that we cannot wait to show you below.


The packaging is much refined from the previous generation with a solid paper box and the goodies are securely packed inside. What are inside:

  • 1 GateKeeper Key
  • 1 GateKeeper USB Lock (used to connect with your Mac or PC)
  • 1 Key ring
  • 1 Lanyard (which the previous generation does not come with)
  • 1 piece of CR2032 Battery instead of 2 in the first generation
  • 1 Quick Start Guide


Design and build quality

As you can see from the pictures below (2.0 vs 1.0 from left to right), GateKeeper 2.0 indeed comes with a much better design than simply cheap plastic. The outer surface of the GateKeeper Key is more of a rubber-texture that feels a lot less slippery than its predecessor. It is also thinner and it feels good holding in hands. The battery cover is much more easier to open but remains secured. One major drawback is that it does attract fingerprints when using but that is not a big deal at all for its core functionality.

For the USB Lock, the side is significantly smaller than the first gen and also comes with rubber surface finish. I really love the size as this is the sweet spot for any USB bluetooth device connectors. More importantly, the USB connector side of GateKeeper 2.0 is less confusing than 1.0 which I always plug-in from the wrong side.


Another nice introduction is the lanyard. I had a bad time finding where to hang my GateKeeper Key with other keys, token and badges. Now with the lanyard, it can go standalone without worrying losing the device as well.


Speaking of performance, I could not find much of a difference in terms of pairing speed with my MacBook between GateKeeper 1.0 and 2.0. Both took around 10.2 seconds to complete the pairing and registration.

However, the lock and unlock speed has been slightly improved, around 0.5 second faster with my unscientific test in the video below. Check it out if you want to get a feeling between the two generations of GateKeeper.


Overall speaking, I am really a fan of GateKeeper and enjoy using it every day when I carry my MacBook around. It provides a good security solution without adding bulk to your pocket and USB ports.


If you are interested, you can get 17% off from Untethered Labs for just $49.99 now. Let me know what you think in the comment.

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