Syllable G600 is one of the best budgeted bluetooth on-ear headphones

A few months ago, we introduced to you a few budgeted options of bluetooth headphones including those from Mixcder and Bluedio. Recently, I received another great one from Syllable which is of very good value for money.

Packaging and unboxing 

The Syllable G600 Colorful Headphone comes with a well-printed package and multi-language descriptions. There are not many items inside but standard ones, including the headphone itself, a Micro-USB charging cable, an audio cable with 3.5mm connector, and a user manual.

Main Features and specifications Features:

  • Exclusive design patent for headband that is made of calf skin and magnalium
  • 1.8 times Hi-Fi speaker (40mm) with strong expression on low frequency
  • Double microphones for noise reduction
  • Bluetooth V4.0+EDR dual-mode and with 10 meters range of reception
  • Ear muffles made of protein and pearl wool
  • Lithium battery life up to 320 hours standby time and 8-12 hours working time
  • Equipped with the play, fast-forward and back buttons

Design and build quality

The black and red combination is not something rare in the market but definitely it is one of the most beloved color options out there for both the manufacturers and consumers. The headphones are made with a combination of heavy-duty plastic and silicone and more importantly with a layer of calf skin which makes the headphone band extremely flexible, durable and comfortable to wear.

Syllable G600 -07

A good pair of on-ear design earpiece could not go without comfortable earmuffs and the G600 has done a great job in making the materials extremely soft and comfortable to stay on the ears. Alongside with the flexible headband, the headphone is easy to put on and take off, and adds no burden when wearing for a relatively long time for a movie for instance.

Syllable G600 -09

Additionally, The headphone comes with a few buttons including power button, fast forward/backward plus volume up-down buttons. This makes it much easier to operate with when you connect wireless via Bluetooth.

Syllable G600 -10

Nevertheless, you cannot really compare the framework build quality with even mid-range ones such as with my Jabra Revo Corded Stereo Headphones and Bose SoundTrue Headphones. For a price level at less than $30, most parts of the construction are made of plastic, including the casing, the button, etc. The good side is that it is not too much weighted. However, the major drawback of this one-piece design is that it is not foldable which reduced the portability of the headphone itself.

Performance and sound quality

As mentioned above, the bass output of Syllable G600 headphones is definitely one of the iconic features thanks to its 40mm dynamic drivers. The mid-range is decent and balanced. This is something that I honestly unanticipated. The volume is loud enough as well. I tried on quite a few types of music including Pop, rock and acoustic and it does a very nice job over the variety of music genre.

Syllable G600 -04

The noise cancellation is excellent but I do notice sound leaks through the plastic body when the volume goes up. Speaking of battery life, over a long period of usage there is no charging necessary at all as the battery lasts as advertised.

Syllable G600 -06

One major issue for me is over the Bluetooth connection. It is not doing a perfect job when getting through a couple of layers of walls across the rooms and eventually led to a relatively unstable connections between the headphone and my iPhone. So in my opinion, I will rather stick with the cord as it does give a better sound quality over the wire.


Without a doubt, the sound quality for Syllable G600 has been outstanding and fantastic over the low side. If you are not really into an attractive design but more on the music experience, this is a steal at a very affordable price point.

Syllable G600 -08

You can now grab a pair of Syllable G600 Bluetooth 4.0 Headphone on Amazon (US / UK) for just $29.99, which has a 4-star rating by the time this review is completed.

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