KnownSec denied ModMyi’s report on iOS 9.3 Jailbreak patch

A few days ago, ModMyi reported a source claiming that Apple might have patched iOS 9.3 Jailbreak. Huge discussion thread had been going on Jailbreak subreddit and some famous hackers dismissed the rumor afterwards.

modmyi ios 9.3 jailbreak patched by apple

Yesterday, I spoke with ModMyi’s primary source, KnownSec, who had track record to submit security fixes to Apple for iOS 9 and is showing up in the upcoming Black Hat Asia 2016, on a private chat to interview their security team on this widely-reported news. Here it is for your reading and below is the translation of the conversation in Simplified Chinese shown in the screenshots:knownsec 1

At first, I asked that (Left): ModMyi quoted your report that Apple patched iOS 9.3 jailbreak. Is this news true? 

KnownSec: It appears that the news is accurate at the moment’.

Then I dropped them a few questions including their source on this news and its validity, what bugs were actually fixed by Apple, why they were so certain that the jailbreak bugs were fixed, and if those are submitted by Pangu, TaiG or other Chinese hacker team.

KnownSec: We are glad to be interviewed and will get back to you tomorrow.

However, it was a completely different story when I received their response today (Right):

KnownSec: I am sorry , regarding this issue, we have no comment for the public. Apologies that we cannot help you here.

Follow-up Question 1:
What’s the reason behind? Is it because of a wrong source of information at your side? Why ModMyi could get this news from you? 

KnownSec: We are not sure about the acutal source of this news. We are not focusing on iOS so we have no comment.

Follow-up Question 2:
ModMyi claimed that the source is from your side. So there was no such thing?

KnownSec: Currently we did not receive such information.

So that’s it. So what’s your take on this? Do you think this is a good sign to a possible jailbreak happening for iOS 9.3? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. CJD says:

    IMO, sounds like they submitted the bug, and Apple is willing to pay a bounty for the report, and they are now under an NDA…

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    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Agreed and very likely to have happened


  2. Anonymous says:

    JB mutiny


    1. Anonymous says:

      Pangu and TaiG must be security advisers for Apple by now…or did you all think they worked for free!! As for the others claiming JB and “teasing” about it, it probably is because they KNOW they can’t release because they used a Provisioning Profile to get root privileges… As I always thought, the first one or two you get for free…after they make their “name” on the scene and get “discovered ” by Apple or even Radio Shack, they turn to the Apple “side”. So at this point, if anything is released it would be “leftovers ” that do not interest Apple…💩

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      1. Stephen Chan says:

        No hacker would like to work for free IMO, they get popular, then opportunities for monetary return. They can move on, and there will be new players starting from their beginning point


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