No Pangu in Black Hat Asia 2016, Former Keen Team to talk Android

Black Hat Asia 2016, one of the major annual events for security experts to be held in Singapore next month, has recently released the briefing schedule on the site, and there are more updates to come in the near future. Black Hat Asia 2016As of now,  speaker list has been announced for the briefing sessions, which includes crews from FireEye that uncovered the issue with XCodeGhost malware, as well. as from the KeenLab of Tencent (China’s largest and most used Internet service portal (such as WeChat, QQ), that was formerly known as the Keen Team back in 2015.

The Keen (K33n) Team were firstly known their Android rooting tool and Android xploits they showed in MOSEC. But they were even more well-known after reports claimed their interests on iOS 9 jailbreak at a certain point.

Qidan He, a security security researcher focusing on mobile security from the team, is taking the lead to give a presentation in related to vulnerabilities in Androidkeen team black hat asiaInterestingly, there is no sign for both TaiG and Pangu jailbreak team, whose three core members presented in Black Hat USA 2015 on jailbreaking iOS 8, while on the other side, their partner PP is switching focus. It appears to be impossible to see them around, at least for now.

It seems to be a loss to the community with all these known Chinese teams to work on something else except iOS jailbreaks, But there are new comers such as enMTW who just showed his interested to get on JailCast as a pre-jailbreak show-up.

So what’s your take on this? Let me know in the comments.

Photo credit: iOS 9

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