5 Best Reddit Clients for iPhone

Milkeddit (Beta)
Milkeddit is the most anticipated third-party full featured Reddit client for iOS in 2016. The app is developed by Redditor Shihab Mehboob (@JPEGuin on Twitter) and is current in beta distributed in TestFlight and expected to release by spring. Not only does the app come minimalistic design and super fluid animations, there are also quite a few settings including themes, fonts, layouts and more. There is also a 3D Touch menu available for iPhone 6S/6S Plus users to go straight to Front Page, Main Menu or their own Reddit Profile. You can still sign up for the beta here and give feedback to the developer to make it better.IMG_9549

Antenna (former amrc) (Free with Pro Upgrade for $2.99)
Antenna is formerly known as amrc, a really robust Reddit client for iOS with all the features you need to browse through the Reddit community. This is the app that I use for months since I joined Reddit. The app loads at lightning speed. It also come with a easy switch between Day and Night modes for easy reading at all time. Other nice features include passcode or Touch ID lock, changing text fonts and sizes, collapse thresholds, clear cache, and quite importantly, limit cellular downloads as less as 200kb only if you want to save on expensive data consumption.IMG_9556

Submarine ($1.99)
Submarine is beautifully designed Reddit client by talented iOS developer Julian Weiss (@insanj) that you may already known him before the app for his contribution to the jailbreak community. Submarine by default loads with a cool dark theme but you can choose from 5 different level of “depths” in the settings panel. By tapping through the menu at the bottom of the screen, you can reach your Front Page, subscriptions, starred items, inbox and settings without stretching your fingers across the big screen. It was a little bit buggy here and there at launch but the developer was able to squash out them that makes it a decent choice among the many.

Beam (Free with Display Pack for $1.99)
Beam features on providing rich feed and customizable browsing experience for Redditors. One of the best features that I like the most is that I can get right into all the galleries submitted in a subreddit with a couple taps without any distraction from anything else. But you may only unlock this media view, as well as night mode and meta data control for 2 bucks. But overall speaking, it is still a good app to use for free.

Mars (Free)
Mars is a really minimal Reddit app which is available for free and without any In-App Purchases. It also comes with options for day and night modes which you may need to pay and get in other apps. If you are not a fan of Alien Blue, Mars can be another good alternative for free.

Honorable mentions:

narwhal (Free, $2.99 to remove ads forever)
It appears that the Reddit community showed big love to narwhal thanks to its clean design and user-friendly gesture-based control. Their 2.0 update earlier this year also brought iPad support and tons of little new features and fixes here and there. You can remove ads forever by paying the developer for a few bucks but you can also share it to social media to spread the word that allows you to go ad-free for a month.

Karma Train (Free with Pro upgrade for $0.99)
As suggested by redditor sunny001, I checked it out and it is one of the very few that offers 3D Touch that allows users to go straight to specific subreddit right from the homescreen app icon. For the IAP for just $0.99, you will be able to get many more featured (which should have been with the app or free for the other ones) such as messages. But it worth the buck as you will be able to get Bird’s view (like grid view), in-app upload to Imgur, and change Force Touch subreddit redirects.

Redditor (Free, $0.99 to remove ads)
One of the very few that offers and Apple Watch app along side with a full-featured and easy-to-use universal iOS app for both iPhones and iPads. You can check out the full review on the Redditor Apple Watch app earlier on the blog here.

Sync (beta)
I am just able to get my hands on the beta for Sync for Reddit. The app itself is really minimal with limited amount of settings that you can customize with at the moment. Fortuntely, there is a Night Mode to switch on. Despite that it is still said to be experimental, it works perfectly without any issue. One little handy feature is that you can unsubscribe any subreddit in a fast manner by going into the edit mode in the subreddit screen. Be sure to check it out and sign up for the beta (with limited slots) if interested. 
What’s your favorite third-party Reddit app for your iDevices? Let me know in the comments.

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