5 Best Photo Filter Apps for iPhone

We haven’t been talking about iOS apps for a while and the last post on iPhoneography was almost a year ago. Today, we are going to talk about some of my favorite and most used photo filter apps for iPhone.

Colorburn (US$0.99, with In-App Purchases)
Colorburn by Wanman, Inc, which was awarded as App Store Best of 2015, allows you to colorize your photos with up to 1,000 vibrant filters for your choice, with just a few taps. You can unlock all additional filter packs for $2.99 which you will need to pay $5 if purchased separately.

Filters (US$1.99)
We featured Filters in our 2015 best photography app and we still love it despite the fact that the app hasn’t been updated since September last year. There are over 500 fully-adjustable filters and 300 hand-painted, incredible textured overlays, colored gel overlays and light leak effects for you to apply to your pictures in blend modes. Of course, you can adjust brightness, contrasts, color temperature, etc with easy sliders.

Formulas (US$1.99)
Built with scientific precision by some of the most talented artists in the mobile photography community, Formulas allows you to apply multilayered vintage, textured, painter and many artistic photo effects. You can also edit your photos right from within your photo library with the bundled photo editing extension which is really handy. If you have purchased Stackables (US$2.99), you will get the Pro update of Formulas for free once you downloaded both onto your device, which allows you to create your own formula for mixing between filters.

Priime (Free, with In-App Purchases)
Priime is one of the best photo apps that I have ever used. Although you may need to cash in US$9.99 to unlock all the filters, it definitely worth as they are professional-grade photo filters created in collaboration with world’s top photographers in the form of their photographic styles. The app is also be able to suggest the best set of filters by analyzing your photo in edit, which saved me much time to pick from dozens of them.

infltr  (US$0.99)
infltr – Infinite Filters is a intuitive filter app that you can simply touch the screen and apply the filter effect instantly. This gives you infinite options at your fingertip. The app has just received a couple major updates this month that allows you to save both original and filtered photos, photo app extension, integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and Instagram, and more. For just a buck without IAP, this app is a very good deal.

What are your favorite iPhone photo filter editing apps? Let me know in the comments.


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    1. Stephen Chan says:

      I have Vscocam with all filters unlocked too


  1. Charity Betts says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen ColourBurn before. Stunning. I’m always on the look-out for great apps! I discovered one called Photowhack last week… allows you to drop in a proper 3D model into a scene – they call them “3D Stickers”. I guess like snapchat tried to do, but this is the real thing as far as I can tell. On registration they give you some free models, and if you make some photo whacks you get other free ones.

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